Li Zhanshu

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Name: Li Zhanshu 

Country: China

Date of birth: 30: 08: 1950

Education: graduated studying night school in the Hebei Normal University     

Type of business: Politician

Main Achievements: Wuji Country’s party sectary, the head’s top legislative body of China. Chairman of National people’s congress standing committee. A member of china’s top strategy and decision-making institute politburo standing. Top advisor to Xi Jinping, who is the party’s general secretary.  

Something interesting about the person: Li Zhanshu has served years in regional leadership and now is the top advisor to the president of China Xi Jinping.

Biography: Li Zhanshu took birth in the Pingshan County of Hebei Province on 30 June 1950. At the young ager, Li Zhanshu served at the agricultural commune in the county where he was born. He worked for four years in this agricultural commune, from the time 1968-1972. After this period, he took education from the Shijiazhuang Institute of commerce in the same province of his birthplace. He took the undergraduate education in the field of politics, plus he managed the night school with it. He perused his studies and cleared the program of business and economics from the Chinese Academy of Social sciences.

Furthermore, Li Zhanshu managed to attain EMBA Institution in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, in the year 2005 to 2006. Li Zhanshu climbed the ladder of success from the bottom and went on slow; he gave start to his career as a clerk. However, soon he became the deputy director of the office of commerce bureau, which was of Shijiazhuang prefecture government in his native province. After holding onto Shijiazhuang prefecture, he managed to become the party secretary of Wuji county in the year 1983 to 1985. He served his province for more than a decade. He performed many leading roles in the province, which include commissioner and deputy party chief of Shijiazhuang prefecture. He later became the provincial Communists youth league organization’s head. He worked hard enough to entitle himself as secretary-general of the provincial party committee in Hebei. Apart from his birth province. Li Zhanshu left his marks in other provinces, too, like Shaanxi province. He worked as the head of the provincial organization department in Shaanxi. Moving on in his career, Li Zhanshu served as the Xian’s party secretary.

Although, on the other side, he was working as Shaanxi province’s deputy party chief. In the year of 2008, Li Zhanshu was finally on the seat of governor. Moving onto the next province of Guizhou, Li Zhanshu attained the top seat in the province, which was a party secretary. Later after four years, he served in Beijing as the executive deputy director of the general office of the Communist Party of China. Li Zhanshu developed himself at his designation and was later appointed as Director, but this period was very concise. Li Zhanshu slowly cherished the fruit of his success. In a few months, he was elected to the politburo of the Communist Party of China, which was a great success for him.

As the year passed by, Li Zhanshu increased his significance under the Xi Jinping’s administration. He also became the general office chief of the National security commission of china. Li Zhanshu has served a significant role in the development of Chinese politics. He was a crucial player in the development of China and Russia’s interconnection.

 Apart from local servings, Li Zhanshu also served his expertise in foreign affairs. He was the person sent by the president of China Xi Jinping to meet the Russian president Vladimir Putin in the capital of Russia. He became a principal advisor to the president of China, as he is always by his side on foreign and domestic chores. He is also one of the most influential Individuals to the president of China. He is currently a member of the 19th central committee and is chairman of the 13thstanding committee of the NPC. The career of Li Zhanshu has been a role path for many young political leaders.