Li Shufu

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Name: Li Shufu 

Country: China 

Date of birth: 25. 06. 1963 

Education: Master’s in science from the Yanshan University      

Type of business: Entrepreneur and Technology

Main Achievements: Chairperson and Founder of the second-largest automobile manufacturer company in China Geely Automobile. He is 12th in the china rich list of 2019 and stands at number 96 in the billionaires’ list of 2020 by Forbes. 

Something interesting about the person: Li Shufu was fond of cars from a quite small age, he used to make cars from sand. After years of struggle, Li Shufu managed to manufacture a real new car. Li Shufu is a son of farmer from the province of Zhejiang, China. Apart from being the chairman of Geely Automobile, Li Shufu also writes poetry.

Biography: Li Shufu was born on 25 June 1963 in China’s province of Zhejiang. He completed his masters in science from the Yanshan University China. Li Shufu is the founder of Geely Automobile which is one of the Largest Automobile Manufacturers in the country. He is a billionaire who is the chairman of two automobiles manufacturer, Geely and Volvo Cars. Li Shufu found the Geely in the year 1986. However, he started the manufacturing of automobiles in 1997. Li was passionate about the cars from his childhood, he always loved manufacturing cars, this is the reason that in childhood, sand was his major equipment for making a car. Geely is the primary factor behind the development of automotive sector of china. Geely brought great innovation in the country with its advancements. The Geely group has served thirty-two years in the field of automobile, this is the time span which the company utilized to become a prominent actor in the global market. Why wouldn’t it be, Geely has approximately 120,000 employees serving the company all around the globe. Li Shufu didn’t restrict his expertise with Geely only, in the year 2010, Geely agreed on a deal to buy Volvo cars from Ford motor company which is an astonishing American automobile company. The deal was signed worth 1.8 Billion U.S. Dollars. This was enlisted as the largest foreign purchase by a car manufacturer from China. Soon, the Volvo factory was wide opened in china. The company fulfilled the driving sales target of 600,000 till 2015. Slowly, Li Shufu started climbing the list of Billionaires of china, as in 2013, he stood at the 63th number when it came to the reports of Hurun about billionaires of mainland china. As the time passed by, Li Shufu brought innovations is the company like smart connectivity, energy diversification and many more in the sector of the automobiles. Li did not slow down his footsteps yet, he stepped into new field of building supersonic bullet train by involving in an agreement with China Aerospace Science. He has a great belief that innovation can never be bought, the more you use someone else’s technology, the more you depend on it. He advised to plan the development of trains with newest technology. Late in the year 2018, Li became the top Daimler’s shareholder by Financial times, this position was given upon the 9.7% stake in an automaker of Germany. Li Shufu hopes to make Geely a global entity by making it the first global auto maker in hands with Volvo Cars. Geely is a diversified Automobile manufacturer, the group is known to sponsor the football team Guangzhou F.C in the Jia B league of China. Li Shufu himself is a person with diverse skills, he has been elected in the National People’s Congress as a representative. Not only this, he also has been entitled as “Reform Pioneer”, which was give by the state council. He has also worked in the sector of education. 150,000 students have been in-lightened with education by Geely Educational institutes.