Li Keqiang

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Name: Li Keqiang

Country: China

Date of Birth: 1.07.1955

Education: LLB, PhD

Type of Business: Premier of State Council of China

Main Achievements: Was awarded the honour of Outstanding Individual in the Study of Mao Zedong Thought during his time in Chinese Communist Party, he was awarded the Sun Yefang Prize for his doctoral dissertation which is China’s highest prize in economics, he is the premier of the state council, deputy director of CPC, member of 19th CPC, central committee, Politburo, ranked at number 14 in Forbes Magazine’s List of The World’s Most Powerful People

Something interesting about the person: Li is famous for his ability to turn potential enemies into allies. 


Currently serving as the prime minister of the communist country China, Li Keqiang was born in Anhui province of China. He went to Hefei No 8 Senior High School, but his education was interrupted due to the Cultural Revolution in the country. He was sent to rural labour in eastern Anhui where he joined the Communist Party of China, the country’s ruling political party and second-largest political party in the world. He served the party’s commune branch as a secretory. Li’s father was a local official in Anhui, and he offered his son to be a part of the local county’s party leadership, but Li refused to join. Instead, Li got a chance to study law, and hence he joined the school of Law at Perking University in Beijing and completed his LLB from there. He also became the university’s student council president. He joined the Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) after graduation and made his way to becoming the head of the CCYL. He also met Hu Jintao there, the future president of China. Eventually, both of these young men became close friends. 

At the same time, he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in economics. After completing his education, Li was appointed as the governor of Henan in 1998. He was only 43 years old at that time and hence became the youngest Chinese provincial governor. He avoided fancy events that were not related to government activities. Under his rule, the province was doing better as he was focusing on the solution of people’s growing problems. His period as Governor of Henan is known for economic development, as he transformed the poor inland region into an appealing sight for investment. However, several unwelcoming events took place during his regime. 

Three major fires occurred in the province, and the people started referring to the incidents as Li’s bad luck. The HIV and AIDS pandemic was on the rise as well during this time in the rural areas of the province of Henan, and unfortunately, Li’s government was unable to solve this problem. Therefore, he was elected as party secretary in Liaoning province. However, the GDP rankings of Henan moved from 28th to 18th, when Li left, hence proving to be a successful leader. Li was elected as the Vice-Premier at the 2008 National People’s Congress. At 17th Party Congress in Politburo Standing Committee, it was his first tenure, and he decided to work on China’s salient portfolios, including environment, health, and land development etc. 

In the year 2010, he made his first significant international appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where he discussed China’s commitment to green energy, modernizing key strategic industries as well as decreasing the income gap. As part of the University of Hong Kong’s 100th-anniversary celebrations, Li made a visit there in the following year. The high security resulted in the Hong Kong 818 incident, a case of alleged civil rights violations. The campus was completely locked down and taken over by the Hong Kong police during Li’s visit. It was then, when three students tried to approach him, the police blocked them and threw them on the ground, raising controversies. 

Li married a professor at Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, Cheng Hong in the year 1983. They both met at Peking University and now have a daughter, and he is currently studying in the United States. The estimated net worth of Li Keqiang is eight million dollars.