Li Jianhong

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Name: Li Jianhong

Country: China

Date of Birth: May 1956

Education: MBA, Masters in Economics

Type of Business: Commercial Banking 

Main Achievements: Chairman at China Merchants Bank Co Ltd, at China Merchants Steam Navigation Co Ltd, and China Merchants Energy Shipping Co Ltd, Head-Legal at China International Marine Containers Co Ltd, Non-Executive Chairman by COSCO Shipping International Co Ltd, Executive Director of COSCO Pacific Ltd, Vice President of the National Shipbuilding Industry, Executive Vice Chairman of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers.

Something interesting about the person: Li Jianhong believes that every day is a new starting point where one can work on their dreams. Everyone is embarking on a new journey each day. Li Jianhong with a net worth of 47 million dollars advises the young entrepreneurs to go ahead, and never look back


Born in the Hubei province of China, Li Jianhong is the current Chairman of the China Merchants group. He received his MBA from East London University and then went on to pursue his masters in economics from Jilin University. China Merchant Groups was first founded by Li Hongzhang in 1872 as a transportation company. International trade was controlled by foreign companies during that time; China Merchant Groups had the aim to dominate a part of the international trade. The native Chinese provided a substantial amount of money for the company’s start-up capital. 

The company acquired the support of the government when the carrying of the tribute grain from the Yangzi Valley to the capital contract was signed by it. All this made China Merchants group the very first transportation company in the country that uses modern technology which is not run by foreign governments. During the 80s and World War II, it remained amongst the four most prominent shipping companies in China, but when Sheng Xuanhuai became its director-general in 1885, the company’s growth became slower. 

Sheng allowed corruption and payoffs and diverted funds to other companies for his personal gains. In 1978 Yuan Geng was appointed as the Vice-Chairman of China Merchant Group at the beginning of the Reform and Opening era. He introduced further reforms in the company and created Shekou Industrial Zone and later China Merchants Bank in the year 1986. In the year 2014, it was decided by a senior management meeting of China Merchant Group in Hong Kong that Mr Li Jianhong would become the Chairman of China Merchant Group. 

When Xi Jinping, the president of China along with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited CICT on 17th September, Li Jianhong the company’s Chairman, was responsible in leading the leadership of CMG and CICT. He received his guests warmly and showed excellent hospitality, along with that he discussed and briefed the reports of CMG’s development in Sri Lanka. There was a Strategic Co-operation Agreement between China Merchants Group and Hastings Management Co. In the signing ceremony, the contract was signed by Li Jianhong as the company’s Chairman. The ceremony was witnessed by Xi Jinping, the president of China and Tony Abbott the Prime Minister of Australia on 17th November. 

In the year 2018 the Chairman of China Merchants Group, Li Jianhong met the Chairman of Dongfang Electric, Zou Lei in Hong Kong. Both the leaders conversed and exchanged ideas about business bud development. Li Jianhong pointed out immense cooperation potentials between CMG and Dongfang Electric. The Cooperation Agreement with Dongfang Electric was signed by China Merchant Group, after their conversation about cooperating and investing in transport infrastructure, financial services, comprehensive logistics, and industrial zone. China Merchants Group was listed in the Fortune Global 500, and for seven consecutive years, China Merchants Bank has been ranked among the world’s top 500. It has also been awarded as The Best Retail Bank in Asia for the first time by The Asian Banker magazine. This is a tremendous success for China Merchants Group which has come a long way throughout the years and aims to build as a world-class company.