Li Bingbing

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Name:  Li Bingbing

Date of birth:  27.02.1973

Country: China

Education:  Graduation 

Type of Business: Actress and singer

Main achievements: She won the Gold Horse award in 2009 as the best actress for her movie The Message. In 2007 and 2008 she had won awards for being a best and outstanding actress as well. She is well known for her 1999 award as best actress for her first movie- Seventeen years.

Something interesting about the person: Li had no intention to become an actress, and it was after her graduation that she realized that she wanted to pursue this field. She is also a goodwill ambassador in the U.N. for China. She has a net worth of almost $80 Million.


Born in Wuchang, Heilongjiang, Li was an intelligent student who was enrolled in high school for prospective school teachers. However, in the year 1993, after realizing that her true passion was, in fact, acting, she joined the Shanghai Theatre Academy to pursue her dreams.

After learning the art of acting, she played a role in the movie Seventeen Years by Zhang Yuan, which gave her massive applaud and fame. She won the Best Actress Award in 1999 for her role in the movie at the Singapore Film Festival. Two years later, she decided to take part in the T.V. series Young Justice Bao which added to her fame and accreditations. Due to her role in that series she became the most famous actress in whole of China.

After that, she played many roles in various martial arts related T.V. series which earned her the title of an action actress.

She finally had gained major fame and appraisal for her role in the movie A World without Thieves. Thanks to that she was then able to have a role in the romantic comedy Waiting Alone which earned her a nomination at the Golden Rooster Awards. She then proceeded to work in various different films winning multiple nominations at times. Her 2008 costarring with Jackie Chan also added to her fame and accreditations.

In 2013 she won the East-West Talent award for her performance in Hollywood’s Residence Evil movie. She then also was assigned roles in the movie Transformers sequel: age of extinction and drama serial Meg.

Besides working in movies Li also dedicated some of her time and a lot of her efforts in Philanthropy. She established her own charity organization called L.O.V.E. that works for a cleaner and better environment. Besides that she founded the One Million Tree Forest Project that aimed in maximum plantation of trees to enable a purer atmosphere in western part of china mainly. The project lasted for almost two years. She likes to promote a green, environment friendly, low carbon lifestyle to help make the environment around her a better place. Her efforts did bear fruit- she was able to play a part in making the environment in china a bit better and less hazardous when it came to carbon levels in the air.

She has also played a part in ambassador roles, where she has remained as an ambassador for W.W.F. Earth Hour, an ambassador of Korean culture in china, and an ambassador of the Shanghai World Expo. Her major efforts and hard work have awarded her with the title of most globally influential ambassador by the W.W.F.

Li is a multi-talented actress who not only flourished in her local industry but also played roles internationally. She also aimed at making the world around her a better place by helping to make the environment a better place. She has at a total been in 55 different dramas and films combined and have won 12 awards, being nominated for almost 24 different awards too.