Leonard WalterBuckeridge

Name:Leonard WalterBuckeridge

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 15 June 1936

Education:Attended Perth Technical College

Type of Business: Construction and Architecture

Main Achievements:Australian Architect, Businessman, Self-made Billionaire, owner of Buckeridge Group, and James Point Ltd.

Something Interesting About The Person:

He was ranked 1057th, 1014th, and 1031st on the Forbes World’s Richest People List in 2011, 2012, and 2013 respectively.At the time of his death, his estimated net worth was about $2.1 Billion.



Leonard Walter “Len” Buckeridge was a successful Australian businessman. Born in his hometown of Perth, Australia, he was born to a simple family and had three siblings. He spent his early life in Rivervale and later moved to Nedlands.He attended Perth Modern School for his early education. During this time, he worked as a builder’s laborer and learned a lot about the intricacies of the trade. Leonard had shown interest in being an architect, so he chose to apply and later trained at Perth Technical College. His final year thesis, titled “The economical house,” earned him the James Hardie Prize. His interest in housing development could already be seen to take shape.

Leonard can be defined entirely as a self-made man for multiple reasons. His talent and expertise in architecture spoke volumes of his capabilities on their own, and he was able to design and construct his first apartment building block in his hometown city of Perth. His claim to fame, however, was his bright idea to become his supplier. Len founded the Buckeridge Group of Companies, which is now touted to be Australia’s largest home-building supplier.He first built the building business and then proceeded to set up the factories to supply the necessary material to his contracts. This removed a lot of costs associated with supply chains, making his constructed housing a lot cheaper and easier to afford for people.

His leading partner for life, however, was Tootsie Ambrose, who was his partner for over 40 years and also the mother of his sixth child, Julian. His relationship with the government of Western Australia also remained stressed. He spent ten years of his life planning and attempting to finish the construction of a private port to facilitate the import and export of his other factories and businesses. Still, it remained incomplete due to a disagreement with the Australian government. This lawsuit continued to the end of his life and undoubtedlyaffected his overall health.

His health had begun deteriorating due to his lifestyle. He was known to work quite hard with no rest breaks days on end, and the stress finally caught up to him. He battled many heart and lung problems for years, according to his wife Tootsie. Len was also known to be a chain-smoker, a habit that no doubt took its toll on his aging body.

Len died at the age of 77 on 11 March 2014, in his home at Peppermint Grove on Tuesday. He had had lung and heart issues for years and finally succumbed to a heart attack. Although he wasn’t Jewish himself, Len Buckeridge had mentioned to his sister, Margaret Halcombe, that he had been interested in being buried according to Jewish tradition, and his family complied with this wish, burying him within 24 hours as required. He was succeeded by his six children and his wife, Tootsie. What’s interesting is that Len continued to work until his last breath, and never showed any signs of sickness at all. His death caused a lot of fallout within the family, with legal action being taken by most of them over the inheritance of his estate. Despite this, most of his family had only positive things to say about him, with his son Julian saying that he thought of his father as a friend first before a parent. Although his relationship with the government had been complicated, even his community said that Leonard had brought them nothing but good fortune and prosperity, with his companies providing employment and capital to his hometown’s economy. It is a great success, in the end, to be remembered not by your incredible amounts of wealth, but by your caring nature and your fantastic personality, and Leonard Buckeridge managed to achieve just that.