Lei Jun

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Name: Lei Jun

Country: China

Date of birth: 16.12.1969

Education: Lei Jun did his Masters in Computer Science from Wuhan University 

Type of business: CEO at Xiomi Inc.

Main Achievements: Lei is known to be the eighth richest person in China with a net worth of 9.8 billion U.S dollars as of 2020.

Something interesting about the person: When Lei was at the college, he once read a book about Steve Jobs and was mesmerized by his success plan. He wished to start his own business and eventually fulfilled is a dream after coming out of the college and working indefatigably to become an entrepreneur.


Lei Jun is a renowned Chinese entrepreneur who was born near Wuhan’s rough industrial area in the year 1969. He graduated with Masters in Computer science from Wuhan University in 1991 and currently occupies a seat among the board of members there. He is married to Zhong Tong and is a father of two children. Lie, like all other great and successful men around the world, has stories of his struggles to tell. But he does not inform much about the efforts of his past and the hard times which he faced. He rather prefers to emphasize more on what he is at present.

During the year 2000, Lie began investing in many companies such as YY, Vancl and, UC. He also founded an online store in the year 2000 which was named as Joyo.com. One of the biggest achievements of Lie Jun was that the renowned Amazon.com bought his online book store in the year 2004 at $75 billion. 

Lei is known as Steve Jobs of China. After completing his college, in 1992, Lei worked at a Chinese Company named Kingsoft. It was a word processing and gaming software company. He worked hard and escalated to the pedestal of success in a span of hardly six years and became the CEO and president of the same company in 1998. However, due to certain health issues, Lie had to resign from the post and work as the Vice Chairman of the company. He quitted the participation in everyday functioning activities of Kingsoft. A few months later, it was announced that Lie had invested a considerably huge amount of money on the UC web and Vancl.com. Moving forward, he became the CEO of UCWeb, which is a browser with currently more than 500 million. 

In 2010, Lie set off on a journey to establish his own smartphones’ business, and thus Xiaomi came into being with a big bang. He founded the setup in collaboration with Lin Bin. Today he is the maker of the fourth largest smartphone in the world. Xiaomi is a Company with a total valuation of $45 billion. Lei’s company has gained currency around the globe quite rapidly. The production of high power smartphones has led the company to bask in the glory of success. These phones are available with really affordable price tags and therefore attract more attention from the buyers. 

Lie took Xiaomi at the apex of excellence in a shorter period. He started all the affairs from scratch to fulfil his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. During the year 2018, Jun’s company was listed at the Hong Kong Exchange and clearing. The Company raised remuneration of the U.S $4.72 billion. The most astonishing thing about Xiaomi is that it has managed to sell its products in massive amount through the online platform and not by physical stores. Today, Lei’s company has more than thirty million MIUI users around the world.

Xiaomi now specializes in consumer electronics and the wide range of products includes RedMi series, Miseries, MiWiFi, MiTalk, Mi Box, Mi Cloud, Mi Power bank, MiTV and many other smart appliances to facilitate its customers.

The company is run by more than 8000 workers and is swiftly expanding beyond Malaysia, China and Singapore. Lei has invested through Xiaomi in 20 startup companies and is determined to invest in more companies in future. Lie’s success story proves the fact that where there is a will, there is surely a way. It is not hard to fulfil one’s dreams if the success plan is concretely established in one’s mind.