Larry Diamond

Name: Larry Diamond

Country:United States

Date of Birth:02.10.1951

Type of Business:Entrepreneur

Education:Acquired a Ph.D. degree in Sociology from Stanford University in 1980, M.A in food research institute from Stanford University in 1978 and before that did B.A in political organization and behavior from Stanford University in 1974.

Something interesting: To promote democracy, he writes a columnin the American Interest, consulting on the current policies and programs run by the government to promote democracy further.

Main Achievements:

Larry is the CEO of ZIPCO and the establishing co-editor of the Journal on Democracy. Along with being a senior fellow at the Center of Democracy, he is also a senior member at an institution of Hoover and serving as aco-leader of the research council of the international forum of liberal studies of Democracy under National Endowment. Larry Diamond is a senior member of the international studies institute of Freeman Spogli from where he also directed the Rule of Law from the year 2009 to 2015.


Larry Jay Diamond was born in Los Angeles on 2nd October 1951 who currently lives in Stanford, California, is a leading American political sociologist along with being a contemporary scholar of democracy studies. Larry has educated even supervised investigationsin Twenty-Fivenations around the globe. At Bayero University in Kano, Diamond served as a Fulbright visiting teacher from 1982-1983. Subsequently, at the Sun Yat-Sen institute of the academia Sinicabased in Taipei, he contributed as a visiting scholar. Diamond stressed the research and analysis of policies based on democracy, the development of developing countries, and governance. Since 1995, he has been visiting Taiwan regularly after he directed the Stanford Program on Democracy for around ten years or more. From the year 2002-2003, he performed the duty of a consultant to International Development (USAID) for U.S. Agency along with contributing as an author to Foreign Aid report in National Interest.  Also, he has served as a lecturer in the World Bank, State Department, United Nations, and other governmental authorities. A professor of sociology and political sciences atthe University of Stanford specialized in the program of post-conflict democracy and comparative democratic development. Given the title of Best Teacher during the academic year of May 2007 by undergraduate students of Stanford University showed how hardworking he is.

Moreover, at the commencement ceremony, he was awarded the Dinkelspiel award by Stanford University for his significant contributions to Undergraduate education. At the start of 2004, Larry worked as a senior advisor on governance in Baghdad. Soon afterward, in 2005, his book on the efforts to restore the democracy of Iraq concerning America’s efforts got published, which analyzed the situation in Iraq after America’s war. The most recent book published is Search of Democracy, which provides an analysis of the status of democracy around the globe. Diamond even revised almost 36 books based on democracy consisting of topics with how democracy is viewed in East Asian, Struggle for democracy by Latin America,and even the political changes in China compared with countries like Taiwan to assess democracy effectively. Diamond has been serving as a member of the board ofdirectors in the Council for a Community of Democracies since 2006, along with ‘Voices of a Democratic Egypt’ from 2008 to present.Additionally, the programs he is affiliated with consist of the Center for Asia Studies and Center for Human Rights and International justice playing a significant role in his life. Larry Diamond’s believes and knowledgeis so strong that he states that in democratic states, people will shift to authoritarianism which would eventually lead to predatory states. Also, these will further create predatory societies as people cannot gain monetary benefits unless they take advantage of power by stealing from the government. Hence, to overcome this, institutions should be established for law and order situation. To further put his knowledge into work, Larry is working on a textbook to allow him to prepare for an online course (MOOC), which would be on the topic of democratic development as well.