Lang Walker


Name:  Lang Walker

Country:  Sydney, Australia

Date of birth:

Education: Diploma, High school.

Type of business:  Real estate

Main Achievements:

Coming on number 15 on Australia’s wealthiest 50 for 2019, Lang Walker, the Chief Executive and Co-founder of Walker Corporation is a property developer owning multiple office towers, residential projects, and industrial estates across Australia and has projects in areas like the USA, Canada, and Malaysia. He has stayed in the industry for almost 50 years with plenty of successes. He has won the lifetime achievement award in 2018 and has a net worth of almost $1.2 Billion.

Something interesting about the person:

Lang walker purchased a 140-acre island in Fiji in 2011, spending millions fixing it up. He then renamed it Kokomo,which is a pen name of a composer whose music he would listen to. In 2017 he opened the island to the public.



In the year 1972, Walker founded the Walker group, which was a real estate company. From the year it was founded till the 1980’s he involved his company mainly in developmental projects in the industrial, developmental commercial and residential sectors.

Later in 1999, he decided to sell his shareholdings in Walker Corporation Ltd. To Austrand Holdings Ltd.  This was done so he could better focus on running his private development company known as McRoss Developments, after which in 2003, he reused the name Walker Corp. Ltd. In 2006 he decided to expand his projects and then decided to sell $1.25 billion in the form of selected assets.

In his lifetime of business and work, he has almost completed 1000 plus projects in which he also made national landmarks that have received significant approval.

In 2011, he then decided to purchase a private island in Fiji, which he claims as one of his most significant projects ever. According to Lang, this was the only project he had fallen in love with in his whole lifetime. He also claimed that this was the only project he did not envision as a business project but rather a passion project which was intended to be pure and simple. He almost spent a whopping $10 million. He proceeded to make luxury hotels and resorts there, opening it to the public in the year 2014. This island was given the name Kokomo, one of the few islands that had clear access to the fourth-largest coral reefs. The project comprised of 21 private villas, child service butler care, and more constructed and supervised according to Langer’s plans. It acclaimed many positive reviews and awed from the common public and analysts alike. Although the budget for this project went overboard, but it has remained one of his more significant works to date.

Recently in 2015, Lang’s company secured two significant contracts that required redeveloping and reviving both the Adelaide city center and Parramatta city center. Located in a place called the Festival plaza, Lang’s company invested almost$430 million to transform the areas to the position it is in now. Due to his efforts in redeveloping Adelaide city so well, he and his company secured a contract of leading developers for Parramatta Square with a budget of $2 billion.

By this year,2020, his company has delivered 40,000 lots of land,11 commercial towers,25000 homes, and 6000 apartments across Australia.

Lang Walker also founded a charitable trust organization called “Walker Family Foundation,” which seeks to provide support and funds to the Indianapolis community mainly. He also has different charity trusts set up to help the poor and needy.

In 2015 he was also awarded Order of Australia, a nationally recognized award for philanthropy. This was given for his ongoing services and being a benefactor to the community regarding medical research, health care, sporting causes, and more. He has supported St Vincent’s Curran Foundation, the foundation of neuroscience research at Garvan Institute.

Lang is also a member of the Life house Building committee, the Chris Brian Life house at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital