Lang Lang

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Name: Lang Lang

Country: China

Date of birth: 14.June.1982

Education: Curtis School of Music

Type of business: Musician (Pianist)

Main Achievements: Lang Lang has been mentioned among the hundred most influential people in the world by Times Magazine. 

Something interesting about the person: Lang Lang’s father was a very ambitious person, and when he heard that Lang’s teacher fired him from school for having no talent, he suggested Lang kill himself.


Lang Lang is a renowned pianist from China and he was born during China’s one-child policy, and he became the pivot of his parents’ attention. Lang set of to unleash his talent as a pianist at the age of three. Before the age of five, he appeared for the first time in a public concert mesmerizing the masses with his musical skills. He qualified the Shenyang competition and also entered the central music conservatory when he was only nine years old. His early childhood was not pleasant as his mother left him to earn for the entire family. He lived with his father in a rented room in Beijing, where five people shared the same sink. Lang managed to prosper in his career by his mother’s salary, which helped him to take expensive music classes every week.

The hard times shattered, and Lang continued his career as a concert pianist. Lang appeared in a Japanese television show in 1995. He gave a performance of the Chopin second concerto with the Moscow Philharmonic orchestra. He left his motherland and went to study at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, where he met the renowned musician Gary Graffman. He worked with Graffman and ameliorated his piano skills.

His career experienced a hike when he plays Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto in 1999 with the Chicago symphony orchestra. This was played at the Gala of the century. Lang also had a stroke of good fortune during the year 2001 when he performed at Carnegie Hall in a program. He also set off on tour to Beijing along with the Philadelphia orchestra. Later that year, he debuted at the Royal Albert Hall, proving his mettle in London as well. His success met no barriers. He appeared at the Nobel Prize ceremony during 2007, and he also performed at the Summer Olympics’ opening ceremonies held in Beijing during 2008. More than a billion people have watched his performance at the Olympics. 

Lang has also performed at many open-air venues. He also made appearances at many Television shows, including The Tonight Show. Lang has also written a famous autobiography titled “Journey of a Thousand Miles,” which has been published in more than seven languages. Every successful person’s career is destined to meet a controversial situation at least one in his lifetime. Lang performed at the White House during 2011, where he performed a Chinese melody, which has been said to be associated with anti-American sentiments. He received animadversions for that performance.

Today, he has strong album sales and is globally recognized as a phenomenal musician. He has also released many survey albums devoted to Mozart, Liszt, and Chopin. He has been praised for his skills throughout the world of music. A Chicago Tribune critic exuberantly maintained in a statement that he had never met a young and skillful keyboard talent like Lang in many years of his life. He has the skill to fulfill the demands of both classical and the rock world. The Times Journalist Emma Pomfret has truly labeled him as a superstar. Lang released the New York Rhapsody and the Piano Daydreams during 2016. His current worth has been estimated to be $30 million. Lang has gained command over all the major American Orchestras. He married his fellow pianist Gina Alice Redlinger in France. Their wedding attracted congratulatory comments from all around the world and especially from celebrities. Currently, he resides in New York and has a lavish lifestyle. His name has now become a Trademark.