Kostas Makris

Name: Kostas Makris

Country: Australia (Born in Greece)

Date of birth: Born in 1943 (77 years)

Education:Drop out

Type of business:Real Estate

Main Achievements:The main achievements include the foundation of small businesses. Established a chain of stores in Australia. He worked on different shopping centers, such as the refurbishment of CityCross center, Bonnyrigg Plaza, purchased Endeavour Hills worth $100 million. He owns nine malls and two office buildings.

The Makris Group owns a private family business that is entirely established by Con Makris.

Something interesting about the person:Kostas Makris is also known as Con Makris and is called the “The King of Australian Gold Coast.” He Immigrated to Australia during the early teenage years.


Kostas Makris is a Greek Businessman who was born in Greece in the year 1943.

Hisfamily later migrated to Australia in 1963. It was a decision made by his family, which he was not happy about because leaving your hometown isnever an easy thing.

But the MarkisFamily wanted Kostas to fight his depression and work so that he diverts his attention. He got his first job in a steel factory and worked seven days a week. Makris struggled for some time and opened his first chicken shop. Later, with the help of the profits, Kostas opened a grocery store as well as the fruits and vegetables store in the same community. Later after the opening of the grocery store, he decided to open a departmental store.

Years after, Kostas opened his restaurant, and the menu consisted of the items/ dishes made of chicken. After the success of his restaurant, he opened a chain of restaurants.Con Makris has always been a fan of real states. With the passion of this, he sold the successfully running chain of restaurants and renovated different buildings and made different malls as well, which would result in being a profitable and attractive place for shopping.He bought his first shopping center in early 1980.

Also, Kostas Macris bought another mall,  Oracle worth $ 7.1 million, which has space for around 60 shops and can accommodate parking for around  300 cars.The Macris owns a company that is entirely owned by him, and it was founded in the early 1980s. Since then, the company has gained and built a portfolio of commercial and retail developments. The website provides information related to the real state, such as that the company ha invested around $150 million and holds the assets worth $200 million.Kostas Makris is also known as the former owner of The football club Pachaini. He bought the company as it was the Greek football club of his childhood, but due to his interest in the other opportunities, Makris owned the club for a shorter period.

According to the headlines, Con Makris was moving the head office located in South Australia to Queensland.  Along with that, Mr. Makris will be opening a head office while owning the properties such as The Oracle and the Gold coast in Brisbane.Mr. Makris gave the word that he’ll be setting up a satellite office by the Gold coast.According to Mr. Makris, evenafter the establishment of the offices, he’ll continue to live in Adelaide. His net worth is $800 million and is known to be the wealthiest Greek- Australian businessman. And is considered to be on the 36th position in the top 200 rich list.And according to the results in 2019, He’s known to be Australia’s #44 out of top 50 rich list.

Even though Makris is almost around the age of his retirement, he still never loses the opportunity of investing in real estate and transforming it.Kostas Makris says that without the support of his family, he would not have been here and is blessed to have them. He further wishes to balance his work in Australia and spend some time in ishometown, Greece.