Kerry Stokes

Name:Kerry Stokes


Date of birth:13th September 1940

Education:Middle school drop out

Type of business:Businessman with interests in a wide variety of areas

Main Achievements:Australianentrepreneur, innovator, investor, TV personality, and self-made billionaire. He owns the seven network, which is arguably the most forefront broadcasting agency in Australia. He has shares in the Australian capital equity company, significant shares in the Caterpillar franchise, and also owns the WesTrac company as well.

Something interesting about the person:stokes has been married four times in his life. He is estranged to his first family, is a single father for the two sons from his second marriage. He was married for three years from 1992 to the Australian actress Peta Toppan. He has three grandchildren. He is the twelfth richest man in Australia, with a net worth of about 3.3 billion.


Kerry stokes was born in humble circumstances in Melbourne, Australia, under the name of John Patrick Alford. He was raised under adopted parents Mathew and Irene Stokes. He led a challenging life as an adolescent. To add to his woes, he dropped out of school only at the age of about 14. Kerry stokes has been comprehensively vocal about the hardships he faced in his early life.

He started earning his own, as an antenna installer in Perth. He began under strict circumstances. He broadened his horizons to property works as well and kept at a steady pace throughout the 60s and the 70s. He launched many business ventures with his friends. AEC (Australian equity company) being one of his crowning achievements as an entrepreneur. The AEC is involved in a lot of businesses in of itself, both of the national and international magnitudes. He also has made significant investments in the caterpillar franchise. Moreover, he owns a major equipment supplier and dealer group by the name of WesTrac, which has extensive outreach in various parts of Australia, such as new south wales, capital territory, and western Australia. The company has also been active across nine provinces of China, which shows the grand scale of its operations.

An interesting point to notice here is that Stokes also has a keen interest in maintaining an extensive cattle and countryside business to his land. He is currently the owner of a substantial cattle business in Napier down the station, around the area of Kimberly. His cattle empire spans a vast area of one million hectors as of 2017.

His first and foremost achievement of life, however, is his broadcasting agency by the name of seven network group. He started the project with a fellow billionaire Jack bendat, with the name of Golden west network. Little did he know that his company Bunbury Australia would go on to become one of the biggest broadcasting companies in Australia. The empire had a very gradual growth over the years, with the company under stokes, gaining licenses of channel seven in different regions of Australia, gradually. The shares of Kerry tokes in the seven network have grown from only 19 percent in the starting, to a generous share of forty-three percent now. His wealth has been growing by leaps and bounds. This has been accounted forthe extraordinary business awareness that he has gathered throughout a long life. he believes that the key to success is adventurous with the possibilities in life. He also believes that through hard work, one can change their life around, which is again, quite self-proved with the way he led his life.

Moreover, Kerry stokes has been the face of Australian philanthropy and heroism for quite some time. He has been awarded various notable and extraordinary awards of excellence over the years. Among the most notable is the “rotary international” award and was also appointed the officer of the order of Australia (AO) and the companion of the order of Australia. He has given lectures on prestigious forums as well, and is hailed broadly is an Australian hero because of his works.