Kerry Packer

Name: Kerry Packer

Country: Australia

Date of birth:17th December1937

Type of business: Publishing and Broadcasting

Main Achievements:Packer, a great media tycoon, was the holder of the Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd. He established World Series Cricket and was awarded Australian Sports (2001). He was also awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia (1983). Packer was the wealthiest Australian with an estimated net worth of $6.5 billion when he died.

Something interesting about the person: Packer beat numerous severe diseases during his whole life. Hewas diagnosed with poliomyelitis at the age of 8, got a cancerous kidney removed at the age of 40,and survived a heart attack.


Kerry Packer was born in Sydney, Australia as the second and youngest child. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father, Sir Frank Packer, was an owner of two famous companies: Nine Network and Australian Consolidated Press. He did not have a good relationship with his father, as he was very strict towards him.Packer had a tough childhood and was often called “family idiot” by his father because he thought that Packer was not intelligent. He got his early education from Geelong Grammar School and went on to study at Canberra Grammar School. He struggled in studiesbecause he had undiagnoseddyslexia and a polio attack,which caused temporary paralysis. He started a job for his father when he was 19 years old and stacked newspapers for “The Telegraph,” a companythat his father was a founder of, and in 1974 he became the chairman of the family business when his father died.He grew his father’s corporations and wanted to take over the Australian press.

Kerry Packer is known for his business strategies, significant accomplishments, and honest nature. He was the first person to make money through broadcasting cricket on the television. His main objective was to protect Australian cricket’s broadcasting rights in which he was quite successful. He founded World Series Cricket in 1977 in which top 50 cricket players from different countries took part, and test and one-day matches were broadcasted on Nine Network. He also converted football grounds into cricket fields to get the rights tobroadcast cricket on the television. A former player and commentator, Tony Greig says that Packer brought an instrumental shift in cricket. Kerry Packer also established World Rugby Corporation (WRC), in which many players from all over the world took an active part.

In the early 1980s, Kerry Packer made a partnership with Phillip Adams and worked on different film projects; however, he returned to television when films went unsuccessful.In 1982, Packer had complete control over ACP and got significant popularity when he was named at the Costigan Royal Commission.

Later in 1987, Kerry Packer sold “Nine Network” for $1.05 billion to Alan Bond because of legal issues and repurchased it in 1990 for 250 million. He made reinvestments of 25% shares in Foxtel Pay TV. He also took part in the material of his newspaper and intervened in TV station programming. Through Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd, he took control over Australia’s most familiar magazine corporations and television networks. He proceeded in influencing the government of Australia to structure media legislation for the well-being of his corporations but was not successful in influencing them to make changes in laws to allow him to take over newspaper and television networks.

Apart from media and broadcasting Packer also participated in polo, gambling, and tourism. He is also known as the biggest gambler of Australia who put millions in the bet and was the owner of Crown Casino and Melbourne, which is the biggest casino in Australia.

Kerry Packer died in 2005 due to multiple health issues but primarily because ofkidney failure. Even after his death, his achievements are known to be remarkable, which will always have an influence not only on Australia but all over the world. He will always remain a significant figure in both media and politics.