Kerry Harmanis

Kerry Harmanis

Name: Kerry Harmanis

Country: Australia

Education: Bachelor’s degree in law

Type of business: Mining, non-profit organization

Main achievements:He is the founder of Mindful Meditation Australia. He also founded Jubilee Mines that was later sold to Xstrata for $3.1 billion in 2007-8. He is the second-largest stakeholder ofGateway Mining (ASX:GML), a junior gold exploring mine. He was once known as Australia’s nickel king. He acquires several residential and retail properties. He was ranked 147 in the list of the wealthiest Greek-Australians for 2019. He has a net worth of $662 million. He accumulates a fortune worth $590 billion is is also a part of the 200 wealthiest Australian’s list.

Something interesting about Kerry Harmanis

Gaining recognition in the domain of mining was certainly not a piece of cake for Harmanis. He made his way to the list of billionaires through rough patches in his early days. He studied law at The University of Western Australia, and could not get qualified to enter the Claremont Art School. Indulging in the goldfields after quitting his law career, Harmanis ran a seafood van to get along. It was his persistence and sheer determination that led him to initiate Jubilee mining later.


Harmanis was born in Adelaide, South Australia. His father was a carpenter who emigrated from Greece, and his mother was the first Greek woman to be born in Darwin. He shared that his father had always taught him to try constantly and never stop, hence, his relentless efforts to excel in the mining industry. Initially, he took his education in law and later studied mining law. He got involved in the gold mining industry in 1979. He possesses a three decade long experience in the mining business. Kerry Harmanis’s first entrepreneurial venture started with Jubilee Mines, which processed gold. Jubilee transformed to a nickel exploration mine in 1996. After his years long successful journey in mining, Harmanis sold his company, Jubilee, to Xstrata for $3 billion. Xstrata is a Swiss heavyweight mining business. This trade took place in 2007 and reimbursed Haramanis with a sum of $3 billion. Moreover, he also received a payday of $500 million in return. The sale encouraged him to initiate Talisman mining. His expenditure enabled him to continue his way up to the ladder of success. Later, he earned $5 million per month by discovering extremely rich mining reserves. Furthermore, he acquired the position of the 10 percent share-holder of Gateway Mining, strengthening his roots in the company. Gateway possesses a market worth of #13.1 million and Haramanis held a share price equivalent to 1.4crore.


Kery Harmanis’s career is not limited to mining. He is an enthusiastic philanthropist who aims at developing a better society. Harmanis dreams of transforming his homeland, Australia, into a happier and a brighter place to live. He has made effort to inculcate a culture of well-being that persists till generations. In accordance with his devotion to social welfare, he founded Mindful Meditation Australia, a non-profit organization, which intends to foster the concepts of compassion, awareness, and self-worth in the young minds.His organization is also determined to bring about an impactful change by putting an end to the negative cycles in society. The practice of meditation and other related exercises have generated fruitful result for the businessman. He, therefore; expected to establish an organization where he can also benefit the greater society by sharing his experience of meditation. Moreover, Harmanis has his hopes pinned to see a more cohesive, connected, healthier, and happier Australia through the practices of mindfulness and meditation. His organization mainly emphasizes on the youth since it possesses an enormous aptitude to transform societies. In his conversation with Dalai Lama in 2011, he asserted Kerry’s vision and encouraged him to pursue it.

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