Justin Hemmes

 Justin Hemmes:

Name: Justin Hemmes

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 1972

Type of business: Owner of the Merivale Group

Main achievement: Established multipurpose buildings real estate entrepreneur,re-develop buildings, hotels, restaurants, pubs, owns 70% worth 1.06 billion dollars, known as Pub Tycoon.


Interesting facts about Justin Hemmes:

He is known as a playboy.


Justin Hemmes was born in 1972 – 73 in Sydney, New South Wales. His father John Hemmes belonged to a Dutch family, and his mother Merivale Brennan was a milliner. In early times, the FAM, s a bit poor and struggled for having a prosperous life. Afterward, they started Fashion Outfitters in Sydney. Justin Hemmes has an elder sister Bettina. According to a source, Justin’s exact educational level is not specified. Justin’s father kept him with himself. Since his childhood, he took him off to the real estate.  His father, John, loved buildings. Although they were going through the fashion designing, still he was a businessman of real estate Inside They decided to invest in the city property. This dream made the family among the more productive domains of Australia. He accompanied his father in his business since his childhood. They started purchasing properties, recycled the structure, and sold them after enormous structural developments. The iconic fashion Outfitters company transformed the path and opened a Thai Café in the building in 1970. This was the phase when the Merivale company climbed the stairs of success. Justin was initially called a playboy. He loved to have fun. He wanted to plot his mind structures. He took an interest in providing recreation and tension-free environment. He believed in making all in one, recreational activities within people’s comfort zone.



Once telling about his own life journey, Justin said that he spends quality time with family. He said that they enjoy all aspects of life. He considered this time very fulfilling. He loved the family dinners. They arrange parties at home with full of fun, delicious dinners, music, dance, etc. His childhood was bright and full of colors. He grew up with passion and liveliness. The creativity and liveliness from his mother and the property and real estate interest from father made him Tycoon of over 70 brands and venues. Justin was blessed not only with the love of his parents but also with a high trust level from his paternal side. When he portrayed his idea of pubs, night club, hotels, restaurants designing companies in front of his parents, his father considered it a great idea. He was only 24, but his father gave him the strength to fulfill his dreams. All it needed massive finance without precedent in which his mum and dad supported him. They put everything, including their house, in an enormous gamble in 1998, they bought George Street for 9 million. they bought properties one after the other and after constant re-developments

Day by day, the work rate of the family increased. In 1984, they were downwards financially. In 2018 the family financial graph reached $9.5 million, and according to the recent business review, the chart strikes more than $1 billion.  They bought buildings and transformed them into a retail hub. He formed his business based on the lifestyle, eat, sleep, work, and play, everything under one roof. A restaurant, a hotel, office, and pubs all integrated into one building.

In personal life, Justin got in a relationship with Carla MacKinnon in 2012. This relationship lasted for 3 years. Afterward, he was committed to Kate Fowler, from whom he has two daughters, Alexa and Saachi. They live together in Justin’s Heritage Vaucluse home, which is worth up to 90 million dollars.