John Van Lieshout

John Van Lieshout

Name: John Van Lieshout

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 1946

Education: Diploma, High School

Type of business: Real estate

Main achievements: He founded and formerly owned the furniture store chain, Super A-Mart. He is now a real estate developer, the owner of the Unison Projects Group. As per 2014, he was Queensland’s richest person. He was ranked 31st among Forbes list of 50 wealthiest Australians, 2019. He also made to the Forbes Billionaires list, 2019. The property developer has a net worth of $1.3 billion as of 2020.


Following are the list of awards that he has received:

Charlotte Köhler Award at 1991

Prix de Rome Award in 1992

Winner of Bolidt Floor Concepts 1995 prize in 1995

Katalogförderpreis 1996, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und HalbachStiftung

Hendrik Chabot Award 1997

Mart Stam 1998 Award

Wilhelmina-ring, Sculpture Awardin 2000

Kurt Schwitters Award in 2004

Stankowski Award in 2009

Something interesting about John Van Lieshout

In an interview, Van Lieshout revealed that his children are not very comfortable with the property they have inherited. They feel embarrassed about it, and at times, it is like forcing it on them. He further disclosed that his kids would not get anything for nothing. They would surely be backed if they come up with a practically good business idea; however; that too would be a loan. Nevertheless, despite his statements, he was reported to buy his son a $3.3 million worth Brisbane home, Glencairn, in 2005.


John is the son of a plasterer, Karel, and his wife, Anna, born in the Netherlands in 1946. He has 12 siblings. He, along with his family, immigrated to Brisbane in 1960. John is married and a father of three children. He received a diploma from high school. John accumulated his billions of wealth by establishing a furniture retail chain called Super A-Mart. However, he sold it in 2006, keeping the freehold of a few of the stores. The sale was made to Ironbridge Capital, a private equity firm for $500 million. His fortune is now acquired through a considerable property portfolio. It includes blue-chip bank shares, offices, and three shopping malls, etc.

Moreover, he is the owner of the Unison Projects Group. The company deals with commercial, industrial, tourism, and residential assets. He possesses 200 townhouses and 600 housing blocks through his property development business. Unison Projects’ experience in the property development market exceeds 15 years. It deals with development projects at unique locations and is still owned and run by its original builders.He collaborated with other real estate businessmen to campaign successfully against Queensland’s new land tax.

Furthermore, John Van Lieshout has collected his wealth through huge bank investments too. His property portfolio is considered to be extremely diverse and extensive. In the previous time, his stocks have had an incredible run on the ASX. John is also a part of the Insurance Australia Group’s top ten stakeholders. He also holds a share of another furniture retailer, Nick Scali. Apart from that, he also possesses holdings of convertible preference stakes in Suncorp and the four big banks of Australia. In 2012, John Van Lieshout also participated in the $1.5 billion hybridsPERLS IV issue of Commonwealth Bank. He also owns convertible preference shares of ANZ with a margin of nearly $3.15 per year. John’s magnificent projects in the commercial and industrial domain, as well as his incredible property empire, helped him earn the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015.

His family owns furniture chains like Super A-Mart, BW Coles, Empire Office Furniture, and Chevron and the Woolstore. In Australia, the Van Lieshout family is known as “the kings and queens of furniture.”They also share the stakes of Flagship Investment, a listed investment company. However, the shares have slightly declined in the past period.

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