John Singleton

 John Singleton


Name: John Singleton

Country: Australia

Type of Business: Advertising Agency, Management Services, Hospitality

Date of Birth: November 9, 1947

Main Achievements: Revolutionizing the advertising landscape in Australia during the ’70s and ’80s. Founding multiple advertising agencies.

Something interesting about this person: He has eight children from 6 of his marriages

Image taken from Daily Mail

John Singleton was born in 1947 in Enfield, Australia. He studied in Fort Street high school and the University of Sydney. He is an advertising legend in Australia. One of the reasons why he is such a famous figure in Australia is because of his excessive drinking and womanizing. At the same time, he was also renown during his time as an advertiser for making use of the language used by an ordinary Australian citizen’s accent in his advertising. This was revolutionary because most other advertising agencies would usually use British or American accents in their campaigns.

He was particularly famous for using “Oker” which is also known as a person who speaks in a rough and uncultured manner voice in his ads. His strategies for advertising would later become famous and give way to a “laconic and self-deprecating style” during the ’80s in the Australian marketing landscape according to people pill.

John Singleton started a career in the advertising agency of J.Walter Thompson in 1958. Later on, he went to BCA (Berry Currie Advertising), where h climbed the ranks, obtaining the post of creative director.

He founded his advertising agency with 3 other people in 1968. The company was called SPASM. It was with this agency that John Singleton introduced advertisement campaigns with the Oker flair. In 1973 however, they sold the agency to the Doyle Dane Bernbach a U.S corporation. He left eventually; however, to establishing another company this time by himself in 1985, John Single Advertising was the name of the agency.

In 2002 it became the STW Communication group ltd. Which happens to own more than 50 Australian marketing and Advertising entities as well as a network in Indonesia. Since then, he has expanded his portfolio to include ownership of real-estate, various companies like the Riverdale Group.

John singleton is a controversial figure famous for his extravagant lifestyle. He is known to love horseraces, drinking too much, and his womanizing ways. He did marry six times, after all. His first wife was Margaret Hall, he met her at a Saturday night dance, but his relationship could not last because of him always getting drunk and chasing other women. Maggi Eckard, Belinda Green, Liz Hayes, and fifth wife Jennifer Murrant also left him for the same reason. Though, Singleton has faced allegations of physically abusing his wives; it is a claim that 5 of his wives have ardently denied.

He also caused a major controversy when he engaged in inappropriate behavior in an upscale Sydney restaurant. The image of him brandishing the broken stem of a wineglass over the head of Fairfax board members Jack Cowin was plastered all over Australian media outlets. He had to pay a fine of 550. Though, he later explained that it was all a misunderstanding that he was only joking around with his friend, and the pictures the photographer on-site took made him look terrible.

On the other hand, John Singleton has also donated extensively to good causes, for example, he founded a soup shop with his friend Reverend Bill Crews in 1989. After winning money on the horserace, he asked his friend what he would do with the money if he had it, and when the reverend answered that he wanted to open a soup shop for the poor, John gave the money to Crews.  Singleton volunteered on Christmas 2018, to feed those in need as well as donating hampers with food.

Some of his recent moves in the business world have included buying the Como Hotel through the Riverdale Group, selling Manly’s Hotel Steyne to Iris group in 2019 for 60 million. In August 2019, he invested in real estate accounting software, which will revolutionize the real estate management system in Australia, according to Real Estate Australia. He is always trying to invest in new ventures, taking risks, investing in new technology further diversifying his portfolio more and more.