John Rubino

Name:John Rubino (Calogero Giovanni Battista)

Country: Australia

Date of birth:June 26, 1945 (Delia, Sicily, Italy)

Education:High school diploma (Italy)

Main Achievements: Founding United Group, taking over Monadelphous

Something interesting about him: He worked at a Deli as a young child

Image is taken from the West Australian

John Rubino was born on June 26, 1945. He was born to a family involved in the agricultural sector. He was eldest among four children. In the book Master CEO’s: Insight from Australia’s leading CEO’sRubino describes living comfortably growing up. His father worked in farming activities and also crushed grapes for the local farmers. His mother ran a deli shop where he and his extended family helped his mother. He decries that the family unit in Italy was quite different from a sense of togetherness and free expression.

John was the only boy in the family, and so his father always involved him in everything he did. This is the reason why Rubino understood how to run a business early on. He was the first one in the family to attend university. However, he knew just how expensive his education was and decided to drop out eventually. He then decided to travel with his friends to Australia or South Africa to try his luck and make money. The Australian embassy issued them a visa first, and on September 6, 1966, he landed on Melbourne with 300 dollars and not knowing a word of English.  All of this because, though he did live a comfortable life, he wanted to travel the world and earn money and come back to become financially independent.

Though it was a bit difficult,Rubino and his friends managed to get a job in Electric Power Transmission (EPT) as an assistant to a boilermaker. He worked for the EPT for four years traveling from province to province in Australia accumulating experience and working in many different positions from rigging to crane driving and supervisor to project manager collecting a lot fo experience along the way.

In 1971 Rubino, along with three other friends, formed a partnership and after solving a problem involving morale and productivity for EPT and eventually founded the Rubino Company, which was later renamed the United company.

He started working in the United company and worked there for more than two decades. In 1987 however, he decided to invest everything he had in Monadelphus, which was a perilous move because he had built an excellent reputation and settled career in the United Group.

Eventually, Rubino decided to leave the United Group and bought shares from Monadelphous a competitor of the United Group. To avoid a conflict of interest, he decided to leave and eventually took over Monadelpheos in 1988. In a time where monadelphous did not have high investor confidence, Rubino restored faith in the company. One of the ways he did this was by giving personal guarantees to suppliers. He was eventually appointed as a chairman and a managing director in 1993. Finally, he decided to resign as a managing director in 2003 though;he is still a chairman today.

Monadelphous is a firm that specializes in construction and project management services as well. They operate in a wide variety of markets.

Though Tubino’s fortune has mostly come from monadelphous, he has diversified his portfolio and sold many of his shares in the 32 years. By doing so, he used the money he has gotten and invested the money in other ventures, mostly property. Currently, less than 10% of his wealth lies with Monadelphous now.

Through economic ups and downs because of the business cycle, Monadelphous has managed to stay afloat in the market because, as time passed by, they became heavily involved in the energy sector whose demand has stayed up over the years. In 2017 he decided to sell about 19 million shares he traded nearly half of his stake in Monadelphous leaving him with 1 million shares worth 20 million. The money he obtained was invested in Finbar Group’s plan to build apartment towers worth 350 million in Perth. Specifically, in one of the most affluent places in the city Applecross in the Precinct of canning bridge.