John Kahlbetzer

John Kahlbetzer


Name: John Kahlbetzer

Country: Germany

Birth: 1930

Type of Business:Agribusiness, Twynam Agricultural Group

Main Achievements: John Kahlbetzer is famous personality who according to Forbes,  is listed on 48th number among Australia’s top 50 richest persons with regard to net worth, is an enormous number of $770 million. John Kahlbetzer is also noteworthy due to his successful business of Twynam Agriculture Group, which he was previously an owner of. His net worth was approximately 825 million. Kahlbetzer’s Twynam Agricultural Group had owned 50 hectares of rural property in Australia along with massive holdings in Argentina. The Twynam group that was previously owned by Kahlbetzer also has shares in Beadell Resources. John Kahlbetzer started his business of Twynam Agriculture Group early 1970s and the successful business of Liag which is based in Argentina in the year 1982. In his tenure at Twynam Agricultural group he offered his services with devotion and dedication. He is also a possessor of two Board Memberships, one in Colly Cotton Marketing Inc. and the second in World Callnet Inc. his tenure at World Callnet was from August 2000 to December 2000. . His prominent achievements throughout his successful career of business are the foundation of Twynam group of Companies and Twynam Agricultural Group. According to Australian Financial review, his owned property holdings, in 1990, had been estimated to value $70 million.


Personal Life:John Kahlbetzer made his fortune as a rural landholder in both Argentina and Australia. He despite everything has considerable land possessions through Liag Argentina. He was born in Cologne, Germany, he showed up in Australia decades back and parts his time among Sydney and Buenos Aires. He is a married person has is a father of two children.

Interesting Facts about John Kahlbetzer:Twynam which was previously owned by John Kahlbetzer, additionally has shares in Beadell Resources, Beadell has gold resources in Western Australia and in the north of Brazil moreover, its shares are up around 130 percent since the beginning of this current year. Eventually benefitting Twynam’s owner who is John Kahlbetzer.

Castle Minerals isanother major association of theTwynam portfolio, which has appreciated an 85 percent ascend this year. There are five working projects of Castle andfurthermore, has previous Rich Lister Bill Paterson on its share register. Other solid entertainers in the Kahlbetzer portfolio is NSL Consolidated, has risen 33 percent and has iron metal ore operations in India and thermal coal activities in Australia, and Biotron, an antiviral drug developer. Biotron shares are up around 25 percent since the turn of the year.Kahlbetzer came to Australia during the 1950s and worked at oil rigs of Perth before going to Sydney to work for the commodity traders Heine Bros. He and Rudi Meth collaborated in Australian Metal Holdings and he brought in his first enormous cash through Bridge Oil. Kahlbetzer parts his time between Argentina, where he resides in the capital Buenos Aires, and Australia.

Influential Personality: John Kahlbetzer is a person who worked with sheer determination and devotion. Being in the top 50 richest persons of Australia, his continuous flow of successful work never ceased, but got bigger and stronger. He, through his company invested his shares in other businesses as well, making his business secure and even more prosperous. This quality of hard work that he carried out is a glowing example of pure dedication. He is a self-made person who showed the world that nothing is impossible to achieve, just that the condition which will ensure your success in unending and uncompromised assiduous attitude to work.