Ji Haipeng

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Name: Ji Haipeng 

Country: China 

Date of birth: 1960

Education: —

Type of business: Businessman

Main Achievements: CEO of the largest real estate company in China.

Something interesting about the person: Kei Hoi Pang was his actual name, which he later changed.


Formally known as Kei Hoi Pang, Ji Haipeng is the owner of one of the biggest real estate company in China. He is a Cantonese chairman and CEO of the real estate company known as Logan Property Holdings. This company, although now is handled and owned by his daughter, the net worth is impeccable. The net worth of this company is 1.3 billion US dollars. 

85% of the Logan Property Holdings in handled by Perenna Kei, Ji Haipeng’s daughter, who has been named by Forbes as the youngest billionaire. The real estate developer who built Logan Property Holdings has its headquarters located in Shenzhen, a city in China. However, the headquarters are also located in the Cayman Islands, which is located in a British Overseas Territory.

Once the headquarters were located in the Cayman Islands, a lot of controversies erupted. It was the fact that a 24-year-old, Perenna Kei, the daughter of Ji Haipeng, was settling the shares of the company and was given the control of it. This controversy was to be settled as soon as possible. Therefore, the stake, which was first under the supervision of Perenna, was then sent back to the family trust and was under the control of Ji Haipeng. In December 2013, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed the business of this real estate company.

Ji Haipeng is a citizen of China, and the Logan Property Holdings Co., Ltd., was located outside the country. Located in the British Overseas Territory, the offshore company should be declared. This is important as it coincides with the taxed paid on any dividends. As Kei became a permanent resident of Hong Kong in 2012, two years after he started his company, it was not important to declare an offshore company to China, nor was the dividend they have collected taxed. This gave Ji Haipeng and his real estate company a very strong stance.  

The company handled by Ji Haipeng, Logan Property Holdings Co, Ltd, is related to developing real estate was founded in 2010 Property Development, Construction Contracts, and the act of Property Leasing are all the sections that this company covers under their domain. 

The sale and development of the retail shops and the residential properties are the aspects that the segment Property Development deals with. The construction of non-residential and residential properties is under the domain of the Construction Contracts. These residential and non-residential areas could include offices and other public facilities. The last segment, Property leasing, leases retail shops, and office units. Through this process, the real estate company is able to generate rental income. Moreover, they use this segment for long-term capital appreciation for holding investments.

Ji Haipeng is CEO of an established and renowned real estate property company. Logan Property Holdings has accumulated a great deal of revenue and recognition due to its commendable work forum. He has achieved success in a decade and is now at the top of the list. Being in the China Rich List. His commendable work allowed him to come at number 131 in 2014, which has made his mark in the world. As his daughter, Perenna Kei, named as one of the youngest billionaires, takes over the company of her father, one cannot ignore the fact that Logan Property Holdings’ legacy was stated by Haipeng. He continues to contribute to the real estate company and assists his daughter in matters of business transactions.