Jet Li (Yangzhong)

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Name:  Jet Li (Yangzhong)

Country:  China

Date of birth:  26 April 1963

Education: Martial arts

Type of business:  actor, martial artist, film producer, and director

Main Achievements:

Since his childhood, Jet Li was into the martial arts Wushu, winning his first medal at the national level when 12. He is the philanthropic ambassador of china for the Red Cross since 2006 and has also won an award at the Golden Horse Film Festival.

Something interesting about the person:

Jet Li had won five gold medals in Wushu martial arts when he was merely 11 at the national level. Due to this very reason, he was a national coach of martial arts before even turning 20.


Born in a family stricken with poverty, Jet was the youngest of his five siblings. His father passed away soon after he was born when he was just two. It was a tough time for his family, but because of his talent in Wushu, he was soon noticed by national coaches just at the mere age of eight. He then proceeded to practice Wushu by joining the Beijing Wushu Team, after which he won his first medal on a national level at the mere age of eleven. His coaches would look after him making sure he and his family had food to eat, especially meat, which was famous for Jet. Back then, he wished to grow up to defend his countrymen.

Then throughout his adolescence, Jet learned various types of Wushu arts, being mainly interested in North Shaolin styles. At the age of seventeen, he retired from Wushu and began his career in the film industry. This was because he had gained a lot of attention for his talent in martial arts and was offered a role in an action film.

His first film was Shaolin Temple, which was released in the year 1979, causing him to rise to fame and gain significant acclaim in China. He later also starred in its two sequels as well. After acting in Chinese films, he decided to move on to Hollywood, but because of the lack of his verbal skills when it came to English, he wasn’t offered many influential roles initially. After this, he relocated himself to Hong Kong in the 1990s, where he gained further acclaim and fame due to his movies  Once Upon a Time in China and Fong Sai Yuk series.

When the Hong Kong film industry began to crumble slowly, he then proceeded to work on himself and give himself more time by studying Tibetan Buddhism. It was there that one of his teachers told him to continue working the way he was before. At the same time, Jet got a role in the movie I Lethal Weapon 4, which he proceeded to accept. This was his first role in a Hollywood was there when he gained major applaud and popularity. After this role, he also starred in the movie Romeo must die, which a huge success as the movie was gained almost $100 million.

In September 1999, Jet married his longtime girlfriend, who he met during his Wushu training years. He then took a break from film making until his daughter was born, after which he proceeded to go work in Paris in the making of yet another movie, Kiss of the Dragon. This was, in fact, his first-ever R-rated film, which he also admitted was not a movie for family watching as it involved heavy scenes of drugs and sex.

In 2003 jet worked in the Chinese movie Hero, who won an Oscar nominee for foreign films. This was a significant achievement for Jet. His attest role is in the 2020 Disney based movie Mulan in which he played the role of the emperor.

Besides playing various roles as an actor, Jet is also a philanthropist who had with Jack Ma founded a company called Taji Zen, which aims to spread health and happiness for everybody. He is also the philanthropic ambassador of China in the Red Cross for about 14 years.