Jack Cowin

Name: Jack Cowin

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 1943

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Arts/Science

Type of business: Fast food

Main achievements:Jack Cowin has founded Hungry Jack’s, which operates the franchise of Burger King in Australia. There are a food processing division and more than 400 stores owned by the franchise. He also holds the highest amount of shares in the listed Australian franchisee of the U.S. parent company, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. His net worth has been calculated at $ 2.1 billion. He was ranked 70 on Business Review Weekly’s 200 wealthiest Australians in 2008. However, in 2009, he appeared on number 79.

Something interesting about Cowin

Jack Cowin owns a spectacular yard named Slipstream. It is a motor yacht and is 197 ft in size. She is built by CMN shipyard of France and is known to be the largest motor yacht ever made by them. In recognition of its best design and interior, she was declared a winner of the International Superyacht Society award in 2010.


Jack Cowin was born in Canada in the year 1943. He is a father of four children and currently resides in Sydney with his wife. He migrated to Australia after his father’s brief posting over there. His career began with initiating a KFC outlet in Perth after his migration. Starting as a single food service outlet, his business, Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd (CFAL), has expanded to vast food retail, manufacture, and export company. It generates a revenue of A$1.5b and recruits more than 18,000 workers from across New Zealand and Australia.

Before migrating to Australia, Cowin worked as a London Life’s salesman in Toronto. He was inspired to commence a fast food outlet after seeing a long queue outside a Chinese takeaway restaurant in Australia. He then pondered to expand the market of KFC that offered limited options for fast food at that time. He returned to Australia to get his plans executed. In Western Australia, he purchased the right to establish ten franchises of KFC. In 1969, he moved to Australia with his wife and child. He raised a sum of $10,000 somehow and started his business venture in December. He bought Burger King’s rights after opening eight outlets of KFC. After he discovered that the Burger King’s trademark belonged to someone else in Australia, he renamed his outlets as Hungry Jack’s. After a few years, he faced a conflict with Burger King over issues related to the name and certain other matters. Finally, the verdict was given in his favor. His retail food business has an estimated worth of $350 million and is reported to be held by his family privately.

Furthermore, Cowin is also the owner of a meat processing company that operates globally, known as Consolidated Foods. He also has made investments in a Canadian restaurant chain, the Lone Star. He was designated as the University of Western Ontario’s 22nd Chancellor of in 2015. He also made generous donations to the university to build stands for its new football fields. They were named after Stanley J. Cowin, Jack’s father. Jack is also a functional part of the World Presidents Organization. He has also contributed to the construction of the facility to process grain legumes into meat alternatives, for the first time in Australia. Cowin is planning to add v2food products to his food chain’s menu. This plan was shared to be executed in late 2019. The purpose of this new strategy was to appeal the majority of those Australians who do not consume fast food. Apart from that, it will also attract a group of younger and environmentally cautious people. The factory will have its Innovation Fund supported by Cowin’s Competitive Foods and Hostplus, which are two of the most renowned institutional investors. Cowin’s Competitive Foods supplies food and runs across 430 Hungry Jack’s outlets all over Australia.

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