Isabel Ge Mahe

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Name: Isabel Ge Mahe

Country: India

Date of birth: 8th December 1971      

Education: Degree in engineering from the Simon Fraser University, further went on for an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley 

Type of business: Managing director of Apple technologies in the Greater China region

Main Achievements: Miss Mahe has had a very long, fruitful and eventful executive and corporate life. She has a long list of achievements and titles to her name. An exceptional engineer and business manager. She has revolutionized the Apple Corporation’s Chinese branch. She has proven her self to be a vital agent in apple’s pursuit of establishing a stronghold in the magnanimous market of China. 

Something interesting about the person: she has served various other corporations before joining Apple, and she has achieved wonders throughout her career. She has been at the forefront of Apple introducing the Apple ID feature through the cell phone number of customers, Apple pay through QR code scanning, and naming the apple devices in traditional Cantonese alternative names to bring more appeal to them. The establishment of WeChat rooms has also been her idea. In recent years, the special features she has introduced to the Chinese market place, have also been introduced and well appreciated in the regular markets as well. She reports directly to Tim Cooks, the CEO of Apple, which is a piece of evidence to her influence. She was ranked number 12 as the strongest women entrepreneur by fortune magazine in 2017. She lives happily married with four children in Singapore. 


Isabel Ga Mahe is a Chinese born entrepreneur, businesswoman, and engineer that is currently residing in Singapore. She has been a second-tier manager in Apple for quite some time, and she has been at the forefront of Apple corporations since her joining in 2018. Ms Mahe moved to America at the age of 16 with her parents. She started to study engineering and then moved on to study an MBA from the University of California. She started her career as a revered executive by being the vice president of wireless technologies in Palm Inc. From there on forward, she has climbed the corporate ladder in a rather fine manner. She managed to impress the people everywhere with her corporate ethic, out of the box thinking, creative solutions, and executive presence. She was soon enough appointed as the manager of wireless technologies by Apple in 2008, where she worked hard and made a name for herself.

Apple realized soon enough that some exceptional leadership and thinking is required to establish a strong market in China, one of the most densely and heavily targeted markets in the world. Therefore, they gave this responsibility to Ms Mahe, who given her track record, managed to deal with the situation in a phenomenal manner. She has been able to understand the Chinese culture, its reservations with the products of Apple and then worked to bring her organizations on middle ground with the demands of the Chinese people. She has contributed immensely to the Apple organization through her marvellous skillset and immense knowledge of both people and businesses.

She has guided the corporation of Apple by being their front person in china. She understands the needs and demands of the Chinese people and has worked very creatively and very hard as well to ensure that the gap between the Apple software and the Chinese market is bridged. She has bought to the table, various creative ideas, for Apple’s corporate sector, so that they could make products tailored to the Chinese audience. The introduction of many different and unique software patches, new functions, and incorporation of the cellular technology with the practical usage of the Chinese people, has made her the woman of the hour and has showcased her talents as an exceptional engineer and an even better executive. She has single-handedly managed to make Apple a humongous amount of fortune over the years through the Chinese market. She is an invaluable asset to the Apple Corporation.