Heloise Pratt

Heloise Pratt

Name: Heloise Pratt

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 16.02.1958

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Law and Commerce

Type of business: Manufacturing, Investment

Main achievements: Heloise Pratt is executive director and co-founded Thorney Investment Group with Alex Wailslitz, her now-separated husband. She also produced films like Hotel de Love & Joey. She also holds shares in companies varying from renewable energy, biotechnology, and gas and mining services, to airline bookings. Current vice-president of the Collingwood Football Club, and was also a member of the board of directors for a couple of decades.In recognition of her philanthropy work, she became the first Australian ever to receive Angel Ball Honour.Ranked as the 21st richest Australian by Forbes, 2019, she holds a net worth of $2.2 billion.

Something interesting about Heloise Pratt

Pratt’s family shares profound connections with the world of art. Heloise Pratt herself carries a tune with great passion. She is known to enchant her audience by sharing the stage on certain special occasions. Heloise’s devotion to art and recognition for its contribution to the society made her support the 16th Street Foundation. Heloise is known to hold a thorough and extensive vision. However, like her elder sister Fiona Geminder, Heloise also prefers to avoid spotlight and remain behind the scenes.


Born in Melborne, Australia, Heloise is Richard Pratt’s daughter. Her father was himself a prominent business icon in Australia’s Jewish community. Richard Pratt, her deceased father, was featured in Summer of the Seventeenth Doll by Ray Lawler, touring New York and London. Moreover, Jeanne Pratt, her mother, founded The Production Company, a renowned venture of music theatre. She is the sister of Fiona Geminder and Anthony Pratt, who are also billionaires. In 1979, Pratt acquired her degree in Law and Commerce from Monash University in Melbourne. She graduated from the Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. The 57 year old businesswoman is a mother of three kids that were born to her from Alex Waislitz, her husband. She separated from him in the year 2015. Three years later, she was spotted around on Stevens, a singer-songwriter. Along with her siblings, she inherited shares in Visy Asia-Pacific, Melbourne family’s business of packaging. Her private company, Thorney Investment Group, deals with investments in private companies, property, and public securities. Pratt has a widespread business and a valuable experience in the capital markets. She has acted as member of the board of directors of various companies, including her own companies, VisyBoard and Pratt Group. Heloise made to the list of billionaires in Forbes as well as was ranked 1006th among the world’s richest people. Pratt supervises the $1 billion of Pratt Foundation. It is community that connects aspiring designers, creative thinkers, and designers to help them develop and grow. The foundation gives away a sum of $2o billion every year.

Pratt’s’ enthusiasm for success did not keep her restricted to her family’s packaging business alone. She collaborated with her husband to raise an investment empire. Moreover, she holds a property portfolio and possesses 30% stakes in Thorney Opportunities, an AXS listed Investment Company. Her dedication towards her career reflects her motivation to grow. Pratt has been an active philanthropist along with being a triumphant businesswoman too. Chairing the Pratt Foundation, Heloise Pratt has contributed major sums of money to the 16th inaugural Lindis Krejus Actors Scholarship of Street Foundation. Pratt prefers to keep her philanthropist activities low-profile, making several of her charity donations privately. Often times, she just appears in the limelight to support her projects of philanthropy. Interestingly, she began her philanthropic journey at the small age of thirteen.

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