Harry Triguboff

Harry Triguboff

Name: Harry Triguboff


Date of birth: March 3, 1933

Education: Bachelor’s degree in arts/science

Type of business: Real estate

Main achievements

The 86 year old Harry Triguboff is a self-made real estate business tycoon. He is the managing director as well as the only owner of Australia’s largest apartment developing business, Meriton.As of February, 2020, he as a net worth of $8.4 billion.During his career, he has supervised 75000 apartments being constructed. Some of the most towering residential buildings in Sydney were a part of these too. Moreover, Meriton also owns a hotel division known as Meriton Suites, along with possessing nearly 9000 rental apartments. He is therefore considered one of the most successful real estate developed of the country. He has made his fortune by introducing higher density housing style in Australia, which was previously home to detached homes. He initiated the concept of apartments in the country where people were restricted to free-standing houses only.As a philanthropist, he contributes generous amounts of money to support social causes. Trigubodd’s company, Meriton, has grown exponentially in Queensland and Sydney. Triguboff acquired his second complex of land after gaining a fruitful experience from his early development. It was located in Smith Street of Tempe. He further expanded his business by collaborating with his partner. In 1968, he made the second development in Gladesville after receiving a sizable profit. Moreover, Triguboff established an 18-unit block in Meriton Street. Since Meriton’s inception, Triguboff has constructed nearly a half lac of residential apartments and houses. As of 2010, Meriton was estimated to construct nearly 10,000 apartments annually. However, according the statistics of 2015, the number of apartments built per year surpasses 3000. Triguboff’s company has exceeded the number of apartments constructed by any other real estate developer in Australia. Most of his business is accumulated in the central business district of Sydney, and Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland. World Tower, the tallest residential tower of Australia was constructed by Meriton in 2004. During his career, Triguboff’s company got caught up in a court conflict, being accused of breaching their contract and constructing majorly defective buildings. As a consequence, Meriton faced development blockage in 2015. Triguboff has been an active donor to political parties, hence influencing their policy making decisions. He put forth his proposition to uplift the interest rates imposed by Reserve Bank to make housing affordable, in 2015.

In recognition of his incredible contributions to the real estate industry of Australia, Triguboff has been honored with several awards. In 1990, Triguboff got appointed as Order of Australia’s member for his philanthropy and construction and building services. in 1999, he was appointed as the Officer of the Order in recognition of his community service work as well as his contribution to the construction industry. He triumphed the award for Australia’s Property Person of the Year twice and was the first person to achieve it.

Something interesting about the person

Ttriguboffwas born to the Russian Jew couple in March 1933 in Darien, China.  After the Rise of Lenin, his parents, Moshe and Frida flew to China. He spent the early years of his life in the Jewish community of China and shifted to Australia to pursue higher education in 1947

The renowned businessman is known as “High Rise Harry”, as a nickname. In an interview, he revealed that there were three components essential to achieve success: discovering something that you like or love, being good at that and enjoying doing it, and possessing the will to work. He also emphasized on the importance of health in life.

He began his career by doing various odd jobs and small businesses. He tried his luck at various businesses but had hits and misses. At some point, he was suggested by a friend to get himself involved in development industry. This paved his way to his magnificent career.