Greg Norman

Greg Norman

Name: Greg Norman

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 10.02.1955

Education: High School

Type of business: Entrepreneur-turned-golf player

Main achievements: He stayed at the top of Official World Golf Rankings for 331 weeks. Moreover, he twice stood as a winner for British Open and was taken on by World Golf Hall of Fame in early 2000s, receiving the highest percentage of votes among all the past inductees. He triumphed in nearly 90 professional tournaments and made to 30-top finishes and stood as a runner-up nearly in 8 majors during his golf career.He triumphed the Byron Nelson Award five times, Vardon Trophy Award thrice, and was recognized as the player of the Year of PGA Tour in 1955.Chief Executive Officer of the Greg Norman Company.

Something interesting about Greg Norman

Greg Norman’s nickname, “The Great White Shark” has been reflected by his physical features including his size and blonde hair, as well as his enthusiasm and aggression for golf. Moreover, shark is known to be the native coastal animal of his birthplace. In 2006, Norman let out his autobiography announced as “The Way of the Shark”. Greg Norman has been a generous philanthropist throughout his life. Keeping a low profile, he has raised funds for charities like Cure Search for Children’s Cancer.


Greg Norman,born in Queensland, Australia, is the son of an electrical engineer. Norman initially went to school in Townsville and then shifted to Aspley State High School. He did not achieve education after high school since he got involved with playing golf at the age of fifteen. However, his company’s chief operating officer shared that Norman had never ceased to be a student since he loves to learn. During his youth, he yearned to become a surfer and played cricket and rugby sports. He caddied for her mother, a single-digit handicap, at the Virginia Golf Club. Within the next eighteen months, Norman became a zero scratch from a 27 handicap. At 20 years of age, he served in the Royal Queensland Golf Club as a trainee, receiving $28 every week. At 21 years of age, he transformed into a professional and stood first in the West Lakes Classic, his first professional golf event. Norman’s current residence is in Florida. He lives with his third wife, Kristen and has two children, and three grandchildren from them.



Greg Norman is an Australian billionaire known around the world for his dominance in the golf world as well as his entrepreneurial success. Heis counted among the most successful golf players of today. His PGA Tour has been ended for two decades yet he continues to rule over the world of golf. Known as “The White Shark” worldwide, Norman also performed his duties of the Presidents Cup Captain in the International Team. While competing on the PGA Tour, Norman was known to be the toughest workers. His decent work ethics and natural enthusiasm paved way for his tremendous success in golf. Moreover, he made his name in history by becoming the first player to transcend a fortune of $10 million in his career.


Norman has certainly been identified as the most successful businessman-turned-golf champion around the globe. Norman’s company umbrellas a good deal of businessesunder it. His entrepreneurial ventures includes Greg Norman Collection, golf course design firm, award-winning wine, a restaurant, a meat line, an eyewear label, a real-estate business, luxury housing,  a golf academy, a wakeboard park, and a private equity fund. The Greg Norman Company is headed by Norman as its CEO and chairman, and bears the classical logo of a shark. His 100 designs of golf course are the pride of six continents of the world. As a business tycoon, Norman has successfully been delivering a high standard of products and services, in accordance with his inspiration of Attack Life.

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