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Country: China

Date of birth: 27th June 1915 

Date of passing away: 5th October 2915 

Education: Ph. D. in philosophy from Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. Bachelors from Barnard College

Type of business: women rights activist, renowned feminist, and celebrated writer 

Main Achievements: Miss Boggs was one of the most influential women of the last century. She was one of the first women who started the slogan of modern feminism in the 1960s and 70s. She was also a big supporter of the revolution being led by Martin Luther King Jr. She tried in her best capacity, succeeding to a full extent, to incorporate her theory of modern feminism with the revolution that was being led by Martin Luther King Jr. at that time, against racism and ethnic and racial discrimination. She was able to explain to the people that close-mindedness is the root cause of racial discrimination and the patriarchal behavior of the individuals in a society. The most significant achievement that can be attributed to her name is her political activism regarding the rights of the African American citizens of the united states. She also held numerous political associations throughout her life. She was a very vocal woman. Her husband, to whom she was married to for about forty years, launched their very own political movement in the 1970s. She has had associations with the worker’s party, the Trotskyite movement, and the social worker’s party as well. She was such a strong advocate for the rights of the African American communities in Detroit that she was often referred to be being part black herself. 

Something interesting about the person: 

Miss Boggs was a very revered feminist of her time. She was a product of two Chinese immigrants into America, and her lineage was quite dismal in some sense as well. She went through a lot of experiences as a child that molded her into a feminist and activist that she was. 


Grace Lee Boggs was born to her father, a man from China named Chin Lee, and his second wife named Yin Lan. Ms. Boggs was an American by birth, as her she was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Moreover, her family natively belonged to the Taishan province in China. Her father had left Boggs’s first mother because she can’t conceive children. The great activist and feminist leader, Grace Lee Boggs, was born under these circumstances. She was born to a woman named Yin Lan, the second wife of his father. Yin Lan was quite weak in her family wealth, so much, so that was sold into a slavery contract by her uncle. However, after coming to America and settling here, Yin Lan had a substantial shift of perspective. She would, later on, go to become one of the earliest role models of feminism for Ms. Boggs herself. Imbued with the will to change things from their roots, up to the highest level, Grace Lee Boggs decided to opt for higher studies. She went to the most prestigious institutes for women in America, including both the Bernard College in Manhattan, New York, as well as Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. The time she spent at these colleges shaped her personality, allowed her to broaden the scope of her thinking, and derive various ideal personalities for herself, on the footsteps of whom she was going to follow, becoming a great activist herself.  

 She decided from an earlier age to raise her voice against the oppression of the society, which was ruthlessly directed onto the racial communities and women as well. She was a huge advocate of women’s rights and lead a long and eventful life as well. She lived till a ripe old age of 100. She was still active as a writer at 95 years of age when she released her 5th and final book The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century, with Scott Kurashige. Her partnership with C. L. R. James and Raya Dunayevskaya during the earlier years of her political struggle is worth noticing.