Gong Hongjia

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Name: Gong Hongjia 

Country: China

Date of birth: 1965

Education: Bachelor of Computer science   

Type of business: Video surveillance 

Main Achievements: A Chinese businessman, investor, entrepreneur, and self-made billionaire. He is the shareholder of Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technologies. According to Forbes, Gong has a net worth of $8.1 billion. His name was present in the list of billionaires 2020 by Forbes. He was also a part of China’s richest 2019 on number 26. Gong was listed on number 15th in Forbes 2017 list of china’s billionaires. He was also listed on the 137th position among Forbes list of world’s billionaires in 2018. 

Something interesting about the person: Interesting fact about Gong Hongjia is that he has a passion for sports and also owns a soccer club. 


Gong Hongjia is a Chinese investor and businessman. Gong Hongjia was born in 1965 in the Chinese Mainland. Gong got his degree in computer science from the Huazhong University of Technology in Wuhan, China. After graduating from Huazhong University, he became an electronic goods trader in South China. Gong after his graduation from university migrated along with his family to Hong Kong from the Chinese mainland in 1992. Gong got married to Chen Chunmei, whom he in his college days. He has two children and lives in Hong Kong with them.

Tecsun Radio was the first company founded by Gong Hongjia in 1994. It was one of China’s largest radio makers. Tecsun radio used to sell equipment at a lower price to the young costumers to break the dominance of the Japanese market. Today it makes short wave radios, FM and AM, and it’s the largest maker of these in China. Gong, along with his wife Chen Chunmei, invested in 15 technological companies. He also owned Watchdata, which was a smart card company. After that, Gong became an active investor in High tech and started Zheijang Dekang communications technology. The company was a developer of a mobile application. He sold the shares of Zhejiang in 1998 to AsiaInfo. Dong co-invested in Hickson in 2001 and got 41% shares. However, he sold the stakes in Hickson after the company became successful.  

Dong Hongjia has invested actively in Hong Kong’s property market. In China, he is commonly known by the people as the best angel investor in China. He is the biggest and the most successful example of a billionaire who has made so much money by investing in different ventures. Most of his investments have been successful. He is best known for having shares in Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology. He is also the vice-chairman of one of the world’s largest video surveillance products supplier.

The business was started in 2001. The company generated revenue of 4.9 billion Yuan in 2018 and has a staff of more than 18000 people. Gong Hongjia is also the chairman of Finland, a mobile internet company in china. Gong has an active supporter and has encouraged entrepreneurship. For this cause 1.5$ million was donated by Gong. Gong in 2015 also bought the company Wealth strategy Holding. The company co-owned another pharmaceutical company. He has also bought many properties in Hong Kong where he lives.

Gong sold his 49% share of Hikvision in 2017. By selling the share, his total net worth arose to 13$ billion. However, just after a year, his fortune fell back along with eight other billionaires of China after the fall in share prices of the stock market due to the tension between the United States and China. He was left with only $6.38 billion.

However, most of Gong Hongjia’s wealth is derived from his investments in Hikvision. Gong’s company Hikvision’s security cameras are used in many places such as theme parks of universal studios in Florida and Orlando, and Lille Annoeullin prison in France. Gong Hongjia’s company Hikvision generated total revenue of 23.92 billion Yuan in 2019. The company has marked a growth of 14.06% per year. Gong Hongjia is the 2nd largest shareholder by holding a stake of 16% in the company Hikvision.