Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart

Name: Gina Rinehart

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 09.012.1954

Education: Bachelor’s degree in economics

Type of business: Mining industry

Main achievements: She is the owner of Hancock Prospecting, a mining company that she inherited from her father.Moreover, Rinehart’s interests transcend investing in mining, therefore, she acquired sizeable share in Firefax Media, which were later sold in 2015. In 2010, she purchased Fossil Downs Station. Moreover, in 2014, she bought half of the shares of Liveringa and Nerrima stations. Rinehart initiated the Roy Hill mining in 2015 that makes up the largest part of her wealth. Rinehart received the honor of being ranked world’s 37th most powerful woman by Forbes. As of March 2010, the businesswoman has a net worth of $2 billion and is listed among Forbes billionaires of 2019. Among Asia Pacific’s women, she has been listed the second-richest lady. Furthermore, she makes to the top of the list of Bloomberg’s list of the richest Australians.

Something interesting about Gina Rinehart

Apart from her massively incredible business ventures, Rhinestone actively donates for charity too. However, according to Business Review Weekly’s article in 2006, Rinehart preferable donates secretly. She is keen to maintain her privacy as well as to prevent being intruded by other charities. She is widely known for paying frequent visits to orphanages of girls situated in Cambodia. She is also a part of the advisory board of a nonprofit organization that works against human trafficking, known as SISHA. Hancock Prospecting also collaborates with other organizations to raise funds and help the community. Joint funding arrangement with Georgina Hope Foundation for Swimming Australia is one such project.

In honor of the Rinehart family, the government of Western Australia agreed to the proposal of keeping the name of a mountain range on it. Hence, the Hancock Range, situated in Newman, a town in North Australia. This step was taken to appreciate the contributions of Hancock family to the mining and pastoral industry in the region of Pilbara.


Gina Rinehart, the single child of her parents, was born in Australia. At the age of four, Rinehart joined a boarding school in Perth. Following her early education, she got an education in economics from the University of Sydney. Moreover, she extensively learned about his father’s iron-ore industry. Rinehart had two children from his first husband, Greg Milton. From his second husband, Frank Rinehart, she had two more children. However, Frank died seven years after their marriage.

Rinehart is the richest Australian citizen who made her wealth through mining.She revived her father’s company and grew it into one of Australia’s leading businesses. After her father’s death, she gained control and took productive steps to rebuild his company. As for 2018,Hancock Prospecting generated annual revenue of $6 billion that keep increasing every year. Her business deals with iron coal, iron-ore, mining, and dairy. It operates through joint partnerships with several other companies, which include Hope Downs Mine, Kevin’s Corner and The Alpha Coal projects, and the Roy Hill project etc. She acquired a share of 10% in Ten Network Holdings in 2010. Rinehart’s continuously swelling fortune faces a years-long conflict about its division. It initiated with a legal action taken for a family trust worth A$5 billion, in 2011. According to the court, her conflict with two of her kids ought to be proceeded privately. However, the dividends will be paid only when the dispute is sorted out.

Rinehart has made incredible contributions in empowering the business community of Australia, particularly in the North.She has actively participated in supporting the development of a more welcoming investment market in the country. Furthermore, she opposed excessive regulation and high taxes in Australian Government’s socialist policies. She also shared her concern regarding the sluggish growth of Australia’s economy.

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