Gerry Harvey

Gerry Harvey

Name: Gerry Harvey

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 18.09.1939

Education: University dropout

Type of business: Retail Chain

Main achievements: Co-founder ofAustralian retail chain, Harvey Norman Holidays, with Ian Norman.Owner of the Magic Millions racehorse auction market. Harvey made to the Forbes list of billionaires in 2019. As of 2014, Harvey’s net worth was A$1.55 billion, according to Business Review Weekly. It reflected an evident increase in his net worth in 2013, assessed then at A$9 million, according to the 2013 BRW Rich 200 list.

Something interesting about Gerry Harvey

Gerry Harvey has a prominent interest in thoroughbred business. He has been actively involved in the practice of inter-breeding horses. He also runs a business portfolio and is the owner of one of the largest markets, the Magic Millions racehorse auction market. His stables contain nearly 600 Thoroughbred. Moreover, he has the ownership of Baramul Stud.


He was born on September 18, 1939 in New South Wales, Gerry Harvey is a well-known entrepreneur from Australia. He took his early education at Bathurst and Katoomba. At the age of 17, he entered university and later discontinued it since he did not enjoy studying subjects like accounting and economics.

He began his career with door-to-door sale of electronic appliances like fridges and vacuum cleaners for Goodwins of New Town. As a youth, Harvey was extremely enthusiastic about becoming a farmer in future.He is the father of two kids from his first wife, Lynette Harvey. His second wife, Katie Page, has two children with him. Page became the CEO of his company in the year 1999, and was declared as the mastermind behind his plans by Harvey. In 1982, the renowned business tycoon co-founded an Australian retail chain, Harvey Norman Holidays, with Ian Norman. Harvey Norman is an Australian retailer chain of computers, electrical items, furniture, and beddings etc.He performs his duties as the executive chairman of his company.The shares of Harvey’s company are also held by his current wife, Page, as well as his ex-wife.

Harvey and Norman knew each other since the time of selling fridges together. They collaborated to initiate their own business. Their journey began with their first store that was established in 1961 in Sydney, Australia. Later, they expanded their business to a chain of forty two stores. By 1979, their yearly sales had reached A$240 million. Their business line has now grown to acquire various small businesses and retailers, including Domayne, and Joyce Mayne. Harvey holds a limited public profile, however; he is keen to share his opinion on politics and economy. Harvey deprecated the incidence of John Howard leaving office. He stated that having a dictator like in Chine could be the exclusive solution to combat political unpredictability. He is often found to be representing his company and views on different media outlets.

Apart from that, Harvey shows involvement in business matters and owns an individualistic personality. While giving an interview in 2008, he stated that giving money in charity is a waste. However, he later clarified his statement by telling that he also donated money to charity organizations, and his quoted words lacked context. He is often seen questioning the practices of his country’s businessmen, criticizing the credibility of their earnings. Harvey was caught up in a controversial campaign in 2011. Supported by brick and mortar retailers of Australia, the campaign aimed at excluding the rules that enabled Australian citizens to buy across the border items without paying GST. He held an opinion that the increasing international sales are diminishing the growth of Australian business industry. However, his company has now become a part of the world of off-shore online retailing. Harvey has also expressed the possibility of launching tax-free sale of gadgets on his offshore websites. In 2013, he showed hopefulness for the development and growth of Australian economy.

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