Frank Lowy

Frank Lowy

Name:Frank P. Lowy

Country: Australia

Date of Birth:22-10-1930


Main achievements:

After multiple incidents in his life, in 1952, Lowy’s life took an exciting turn when he got together with his family that by then has started a small level business of delivering goods in Australia. After some which time in this business, he got to know another immigrant named John Saunders. With this person, he established a business partnership. This partnership ultimately turned into the famous Westfield Development Corporation.  Working day and night for the success of their company, both partners expanded the business by establishing many shopping centers throughout Australia and the United States of America. With their hard work and positive response by the customers, The Westfield Corporation also made its way to other countries, including New Zealand and later to the United Kingdom. In 1987 Lowy got alone when his business partner John Saunders sold his part of the shares bid farewell to the company.

Frank Lowy’s most significant achievement has been the massive success of his self-established company: Westfield Cooperation. This company today serves as one of the largest shopping center companies all across the globe.


Figure 2. Frank Lowy in his office


He was given the awarded Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship for his phenomenal services regarding community welfare in 2005 by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

According to BRW magazine, Lowy was Australia’s wealthiestperson in 2010, with his total wealth of A$5.04.

Apart from his passion for business, Lowy was also a strong supporter of football. His keenness in football made his way to making the Chairman of the Football Federation Australia (FFA). Under this post, Lowy offered his services from the time period of 2003 to 2015.


Mr. Frank P. Lowy was born on 22 October 1930 in the county of Australia. He is a well-known 89-year-old businessman of Australia and famously known for being the former President of the Westfield Corporation. His net worth, according to ARF Rich List, 2017, is A$ 8.26 bn.

During his early life, Frank Lowy faced a lot of challenges in his life. His birth country was Czechoslovakia, now known as Slovakia. However, at the time of the Second World War(1939-1945), he has to move to Hungary, leaving his country behind due to the brutal war conditions. Trying to flee from there, he secretly sat in a ship named Yagur that was going to Palestine. Unfortunately, he was spotted by certain British authorities who later took him to Cyprus, and he ended up spending some years of his life in the detention camps there. What followed next was his participation in the famous Arab-Israeli War that took place in 1948.

As far as his martial life is concerned, he got married to Shirly at the age of 21 when they both fell in love with each other. Their three sons currently look after the Westfield Corporation.

Figure 1. Frank Lowy at the Australian Football Award ceremony held in October 2011


Something Interesting about Frank:

According to the well-known Forbes lists, Frank Lowy has been on 244th number for Billionaires 2019, highlighting his brilliant achievement in money-making skills accompanied to other billionaires worldwide. Moreover, he has also managed to secure a 4th positionunder the title of Australia’s 50 Richest 2019. Along with success in business, Frank Lowy is known to be a success in public life too. Due to his tremendous contributions to multiple areas such as medical institutes in both Israel and Australia. It was due to his large donations to different causes that he was given the title of Australia’s leading philanthropist.

Figure 3. Frank Lowy bids farewell