Fiona Geminder

Name: Fiona Geminder

Country: Australia

Date of Birth:


  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Monash
  • LLB from the University of Monash

Type of Business: Packaging Industry

Main Achievements:

  • The total Net worth of 2.3 Billion US$.
  • Shareholder in Visy
  • In Forbes’ Top 50 Australian Billionaire
  • Share Holder in Pact group

Fiona Geminder:

Fiona Geminder is an Australian businesswoman with a total net worth of 2.3 billion US$. She is the youngest daughter of the billionaire business tycoon in packaging business Richard Pratt. Fiona, aged 55, lives in Melbourne, Australia. When Fiona’s father died, he left her and her other siblings a chunk of shares in the family business. She received the shares in a paper packaging company and the business of recycling along with her billionaire sister Heloise Waitlists and her billionaire brother Anthony Pratt. The name of the company is Visy, which has 110 factories and plants across Australia. Fiona’s father was one of the biggest business tycoons of his time.

Fiona Geminder did her degree in bachelor’s in arts and Science in 1998 from MonashUniversity Melbourne Australia. She later did her LLB again from Monashuniversityin 2008,which is one of the leading universities in Australia. Fiona Geminder comes in 16th position in Forbes’stop 50 Australian billionaires in 2019. Fiona, along with her husband Raphael Geminder, owns 40% shares of pact group, which is the packaging business.

Fiona Geminder is also actively involved in several humanitarian projects and charity communities across Australia and Israel. She lives along with her husband and four children in Melbourne, Australia.

After graduating from MonashUniversity with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in 1998, Fiona Geminder gained advertising and marketing experience for the leading international agencies in London and New York. Until returning to Australia,she served in Pratt industries USA as a business development manager. After returning to Australia in 1993, she co-managed Visy’s recycling enterprises along with her husband, Raphael. Fiona Geminder, in 2000 went to Visy’s plastic division, where the build PACT an independent company.

Fiona Geminder, along with her mother in 2017, represented the Pratt foundation as host in the twilight ceremony in Israel for Prime Minister Malcolm Turn bull and New Zealand, Israeli and Australian guests and delegations. Miss Geminder, in her humanitarian projects, took a keen interest in funding and supporting the law faculty programs of Monash University. She partnered with Victorian legal aid and supported the Australian center for Jewish civilization in the university. She also represented and served as the member for a task force of Monashuniversity’s fundraiser.

Pact group:

Raphael,the husband of Fiona Geminder,establishedthe Pact group in 2002, and he is now trying to pursue a five-pronged strategy in a quest to make it one of the world’s largest and most dominant packaging firms. But Visy, which is also the company of Fiona, will likely remain a significant competitor to Pact in whichever path the two companies are going in. PACT group was a part of Visy before it was split, and after that, Raphael took control of the business. And since Raphael is thought to be in support of mergers as part of his Pact growth strategy, it is not likely for Visy and PACT to once again be the same company again. Visy and PACT group currently work together on a few projects, but there is no close relationship between the two companies. Fiona Geminder has avoided commenting anything on the rivalry between her husband and brother as she has shares in both companies, i.e., Pact and Visy. Many people say that Fiona Geminder plays a crucial role in the running of both companies.

Pact company is plastic packaging business. Pact group is carrying out its operation in almost fifteen countries, and there are more than 6000 team members of the company.

Interesting fact:

One of the exciting facts about Fiona Geminder is that she is low profile billionaire. She has only been spotted by the paparazzi only a few times. One of the times was when her father, Richard Pratt, died in 2009; she could not hide from the cameras at his funeral. Fiona has avoided giving interviews;she even never commented on the rivalry between her husband Raphael and her brother Anthony Pratt.