Ding Lei

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Name: Ding Lei 

Country: China

Date of birth: 01.10.1971

Education: Bachelor in communication technology  

Type of business: Online Games

Main Achievements: A Chinese businessman, investor, entrepreneur, and self-made billionaire. He is the owner of Netease. In 2003, Ding lei became the richest man in China. According to Forbes, Ding has a net worth of $21.6 billion. His name was present in the list of billionaires 2020 by Forbes. He was also a part of China’s richest 2019 on number 8. Ding Lei was a part of the Richest in Tech list of 2017. Ding was awarded for innovative use of technology as a technology change agent in 2004. 

Something interesting about the person: Interesting fact about Ding lei is that he considers Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein as his inspiration. He loves reading books and has great intellect. His favourite pastime is reading IT books, even in his college, he used to read many IT books. He even asked questions from his teachers which were very intellectual. Ding’s love for IT books helped him, unlike his other friends to write the entire software code. 


Ding Lei is a Chinese businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in Ningbo city in the province of Zhejiang, China. From the age of 13, Ding developed an interest in electronics. Ding made six transistor radios by assembling electronic parts at the age of 16. He wanted to pursue his interest by getting a professional degree. To fulfil his dream, Ding got enrolled in Chengdu College of Electronic Science and Technology to get a bachelor’s degree in communication technology. After graduating from college, he was hired by the local state department as an engineer. He later took a job in Sybase in Guangzhou after quitting his job in the local state department. After sometime Deng decided to start a new venture and for this, he started his own company and left the job in Sybase.

China is a country with a lot of population and offers individuals many opportunities to produce a new product which can be of people’s use. Ding Lei, the CEO of china’s biggest Tech giant, did the same. He developed something exceptional by keeping money aside and focusing on his aim, which helped his homeland China in its progress.

In 1997, Ding Lei developed a bilingual email system which was one of its kind in China. He started his business with a handful of people and made it one of the biggest businesses in China. His company Netease focused on making internet applied software for two years. Ding lei’s bilingual email system became popular in a very short time. After a short period, Ding introduced another concept by making a new platform in Netease that hosted microblogging and a search engine. By introducing these features, Ding lei made Netease as one of China’s biggest internet portals. 

Netease under the stewardship of Ding Lei introduced another concept of multiplayer gaming which made the company extremely popular. The gaming portal of Netease had a variety of popular games for the users. The users who visited Netease were not just from China, but Netease became extremely popular all over the world. Ding Lei’s net portal Netease turned his net worth in billions and made him the richest person around China in 2003. Ding Lei is commonly known as a video game billionaire.

Ding did not wait for the opportunity to fall on his lap. Instead, he built his way and made his mark in the world. He did not let the opportunity slip from his fingers. Ding’s love for IT books helped him, unlike his other friends to write the entire software code. Ding has also helped in translating American university lessons into Mandarin Chinese by appointing a team. This way, he contributed to education for China’s youth to make their future brighter.

Ding plans to invest his money in organic farming by bringing farmers back into the business who have lost their farms and given it away for factories. He aims to produce good quality food. He wants China to earn money from the countryside.