Ding Junhui

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Name: Ding Junhui

Country: China

Date of birth: 01.04.1987

Education: Graduated 

Type of business: Athlete 

Main Achievements: Won three ranking tournaments in 2013. In 2005, 2009, and 2019 he won the UK Championship finals thrice.

Something interesting about the person: At the age of 19, Ding Junhui was the youngest snooker player at the 2007 Masters


Born in China, Ding Junhui showed an interest in snooker at the age of eight. His father, a snooker fanatic, discovered Ding’s talent whilst practising with a pool expert. In the absence of his father, Ding competed against a professional snooker player and won the game. Ding’s parents, since his unexpected win, urged and supported him to play snooker. Ding’s athletic career as a professional snooker player started when he was only nine years old. 

After his win in the Asian Under-21 Championship in 2002, he gained recognition at an international level. He was only a fifteen-year-old lad when was titled to be the youngest competitor and eventual winner of the IBSF World Under-21 Championship. Perhaps one of his biggest achievements was winning the China Open and UK Championship in 2005. This year holds its significance because he was the first-ever snooker player outside from UK and Ireland to win the championship. This boosted his professional career further.

In 2006, Ding Junhui decided to study Business Administration and Management from a university in Shanghai, namely Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Residing in England, Ding spends his time practicing and excelling his skills in snooker at the English Institute of Sport. 

Even though he lost to Mark Shelby in the finals of World Championship in 2016, Ding was the first Asian player to reach the finals. In the year 2005, 2009, and recently in 2019, Ding made through to finals of UK Championships and won them all. In 2011, he won the Masters’ final. Ding is known for making world-renowned recordings owing to not only his expertise in the field of snooker but also because of his young age. 

He has made many breaks and reached milestones that only some people of his age could accomplish. The Pele of snooker, Ding’s young age did not stop him to achieve all the goals that he has accomplished today. With more than five hundred competitive breaks in his professional career, Ding has astonished the world with his talent. 

Being only 19 and being the youngest player to be televised made him a figure of great prominence. This was his first maximum break out of the six 147 ones. The win at the 2008 UK Championship marked Ding’s second maximum, and the third one was his accomplishment in the 2011 FFB Snooker Open. Winning 4-1 in his snooker match against James Cahill, Ding established his fourth maximum break two days after his third one. Time and again, Ding made his name in snooker and made his fifth maximum break in 2013. The 2013 PTC Finals welcomed him in his quarter-final against Mark Allen. The last and sixth maximum break was his snooker match against Neil Robertson in the quarter-finals of the famous Welsh Open in 2016. 

Being a famous Chinese snooker player from a very young age marked Ding’s prominence and permanency in the field. He is believed to be an Asian player who has attempted many successful ventures. With 14 major ranking titles, Ding is planning on accomplishing more as he has won two Shanghai Masters titles, 2013 and 2016. He is an international sensation with three UK Championships and one German Masters title in the year 2014. He has represented his country in the Asian Games, where he won five gold medals. Be it individual work or a team; Ding has been able to astonish everyone with his commendable skills. In 2016, Ding won the Sex-red World Championship

Ding is known for being one of the most influential sports figures in the world. Owing to his expertise in snooker, Ding has achieved great success.