Dick Smith

Dick Smith

Name: Dick Smith

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: March 18, 1944

Education:High School

Type of business:Consumer electronic goods’ store chains, Dick Smith foods.

Main Achievements: Dick Smith or Richard Harold Smith is a man of millionof achievements. He is a record-breaking aviator, philanthropist, political activist, and one more thing to add in his list of accomplishments is a serial entrepreneur. He has set up prominent records of achievement of aviation. Dick Smith, an accomplished businessman and is the originator of various companies in different fields such as electronics, geographics and foods. Among all the businesses, Dick Smith Foods earned a significant name for itself.  Bagging a plethora of landmarks in his career, In 1986, he was rewarded with the title of Australian of the year.

Not limiting his career in just the business field, Dick Smith entered the field of film production and established a production company to shape a framework for production, Smith &Nasht, with the honorable aim of making films that feature the worldwide issues. In the year 2015, Dick Smith was awarded ‘Companion of Order’ of Australia. He is an inspiration for people aiming to score big in their career as a businessman or as an entrepreneur. Also, he also has a membership in the Committee of skeptical Inquiry.

Interesting Facts about Dick Smith:Dick Smith wasn’t born in the wealthiest family. It was all the hard work and struggle which he had to suffer. Angus and Robertson, the bookstore, was the place where his father used to work as a salesman. As far as his mother is concerned, she was a housewife. He has a speech defect, and that is why Smith grew up to be one of the educationally hopeless guy and a guy with low self-esteem. He was amongst the dull students of the class, always hitting the bottom grades in his Roseville Public School. While managing the low grades yet somehow passing his exams, he went on to high school. He attended North Sydney Technical High School after having mediocre school grades. His mediocrity in his studies can be observed from the fact that after studying French for nearly three years, he managed only 7% in the Intermediate Certificate examination, which reflects his suffering during his academic career.However, there is a saying that do not confuse education with intelligence, and Dick Smith was the man who proved it right. He went on to establish some of the most impressive business models. He was awarded the Australian of the year award, which he richly deserved.

He was the winner of theAwardBaden-Powell in 1966. At 17 years of age,Smith got his learner’s radio license and held call sign VK2DIK. Moving further with his life hardships, in his mid-20s, he has to work as a radio repairer in taxis for quite a long time. It was in 1999 when he set up Dick Smith Foods, which proved to be of more significant advantage for all the Australian organizations working for charity. The association distributed things made by the Australian organization across Australia, and the business adjourned in 2019. Given the philanthropic nature of Dick Smith, he, along with his spouse, donated a whopping sum

of one million Australian Dollars to Scouts Australia.

Role Model: Dick Smith, a person, who as a child, struggled in his educational life continuously and faced bullying, just because of his sheer determination to make a mark of his name in the global village, emerged as one of the most influential personalities in the world. Presenting in front of the world, a successful trial of businesses, he made everyone understand the power of determination and dedication. He became a source of aspiration for many fresh businessmen and women. He became a role model even after having a not so pleasant childhood academically, proving, with his every achievement, that hard work never goes unrewarded.


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