Deng Yaping

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Name: Deng Yaping 

Country: China 

Date of birth: 06-02-1973

Education: Masters in the contemporary era of China

Type of business:  —

Main Achievements: Chinese athlete and table tennis player. In 1989 she won Women’s Double gold 40th world table tennis championship. In 1990 she won women’s team gold 1st table tennis world cup. In 1991 she won women’s team silver, women’s singles gold, and women’s double silver in 41st world table tennis championship. She won women’s team double gold and women’s team gold in the 2nd table tennis world cup which was held from 1991 to 1992. She also won a gold medal in single and also in double in 25th Olympics games that took place in the year 1992. In 1993 Deng Yaping won a gold medal in women single and silver medal in double in 42nd world table tennis championship. Then again in 1995 she again won a gold medal in women’s team double and another gold medal in women single, and then again a silver in mixed double in 43rd table tennis championship. 

Something interesting about the person: Interesting fact about Deng Yapping is that she could not speak and still managed to study at the University of Nottingham. 


Deng Yaping was a Chinese athlete and table tennis player. She was born in Zhengzhou, which is the capital of Henan province. Yaping is known as one of the finest and most prominent players in the history of table tennis.

At the age of 5, Deng Yaping started playing table tennis, and she won the provincial junior championship just after four years. In China, it is customary to send those children who show their undeniable skills in sports to a school in which the sport they are good at is included in their curriculum. Den Yaping was also sent to a school despite her father being a professional coach for table tennis. Her daily routine consisted of one hour of exercise and running, six hours of table tennis, and then two hours of study.

When Deng won her 1st national championship, she was just 13 years old. Unfortunately, her height over-shadowed her talent as she was 4 feet 11 inches tall which was considered short. Despite being so much success from a very young age, Deng Yaping was not given a place in the national women’s team of China. However, her talent could not be denied for long, and in 1988 she finally made her position in the national team. She was one year old at that time. Teaming up with Qiao Hong, Deng won her first world championship in 1989 in women’s double competition. After two years she won her first medal in singles.

In Barcelona Spain 1992, Deng won two gold medals in Olympics one in doubles and one in singles. She became the 1st gold winner in the 1992 Olympics who won two gold medals in a single event. She maintained her streak in the 1996 Olympics which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. In the Olympics finals in Barcelona, she was competing against Qiao Hong who was her partner in doubles and also the 2nd best tennis player in the world. She took the title by beating her partner. In the 43rd World tennis championship in 1995, Deng took three gold medals. Again in Atlanta Olympics of 1996, she stood 1st in doubles with her partner Qiao Hong, and she also stood first in singles. Deng was a quick attacker who could play defence and offence both. According to many people, she had her own style, which was quite unique.

Deng Yaping stood 1st for eight years in the world ranking of table tennis from 1990 to 1997, the year she took her retirement. After taking her retirement, she started working with the IOC athletes committee and dedicated most of her time there. Deng yapping became the female athlete of the century in china in 2003. Her name was also included in the Hall of fame of table tennis. After retiring from sports, she got her doctorate degree from Cambridge University.