David Teoh

Name: David Teoh

Country: Australia

Date of Birth:


Type of Business: Telecommunication

Main Achievements:

  • 25th Richest person in Australia
  • 9 Billion US$ Net worth
  • The main person behind the TPG Telecom in Singapore

David Teoh

David Teoh, full name David Siang Teoh is an Australian.  He is a businessman in Australia, and he is also the 25th richest person in Australia. His current net worth is estimated at approximately 2.9 billion US$. He was born in Malaysia in 1955. He migrated from Malaysia in 1986 and settled in Australia. He is called an isolated billionaire, and most people also call him as the tycoon of telecommunication and also the reason and the main person behind the newly assigned fourth telecommunication TPG Telecom in Singapore. A series of dozens of deals which were smart and on the point that made the company from a computer retailer business into one of Australia’s primary and best internet service provider.

David Teoh is a self-made businessman who worked day and night to reach this position.

David Teoh is the executive chairperson of TPG. TPG is a telecommunication company which he founded after he migrated from Malaysia with his Taiwanese wife in 1992. Teoh shares the third of his business with his wife Vicky, who even helped him to start the company. But his wife Vicky is no longer involved in the affairs of the company. David Siang Teoh has four sons Shane, Bob, John, and Jack. His wife and his four sons launched more than a handful of businesses of their own and invested in the furniture business, eyeglasses, clothing, and technology.They even started a property investment company. David Teoh’s wife Vicky also has considerable investments, which include science Ltd, vita life, a pharmaceutical company, and a healthcare company. In the Forbes 2016 billionaire list, he was ranked at 854th position in the world.

Mr. Teoh was even grilled for the lack of gender equality in his telecommunication company as all the 5-board members were men. He was also asked the same question to which he said that his “priority” is to appoint a female managing director.

What does TPG do?

TPG or TPG telecom limited is a telecommunication company based in Australia that gives and deals with internet services, and it also provides the telephone and mobile services. As of August 2015, TPG was the most prominent company to offer internet services to customers in Australia, and it also provides mobile services for the people. TPG has to compete with its rivals, the Vodafone network. Because of that, it is doing different tactics to get consumers’ attention to the brand. It’s currently offering cost-effective plans over the Vodafone network. It is planned that the option to switch to the new TPG network will be given to current TPG customers when it becomes available. Now TPG also offers and provides prepayment services, with substantial discount for six months of your policy.

TPG will use manly the small-cell technology and will give less coverage than the other three networks. This is easier and smaller to setup as compared to the traditional mobile base stations. The initial launch of the system will give its coverage to areas in Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane,and Melbourne. Top 5 services and products that TPG provides are networking, mobile phone services, internet access, accounting software, and OEM services.

Interesting fact:

The most exciting fact about TPG’s executive chairman and the 25thmost prosperous businessman in Australia is that he likes to keep his profile low. He was so good at dodging camera’s that he was only shot twice in his lifetime. Once in 2015 and again in September 2019. The shot that was taken of him in 2015 was by a Fairfax photographer who stood outside his home for days to take his picture. But on September 11, 2019, he was not that lucky to avoid the media as he had to come outside for a court proceeding. He went to Federal court to give evidence for his company TPG Telecom Limited. The photographers assembled and waited outside the court for hours and some of them were waiting since 7 in the morning.


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