David Hains

David Hains

Name: David Hains

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: 1931

Education: Bachelors of Science

Main Achievements

His history or his success story is a piece of art brought to life by some divine help. He started his career as a bachelor’s in engineering science and has since gone on to make his mark in various fields of quite some colorful nature. He trained to become a professional golfer during the 1960s, in which he later on excelled in life. He started his career in a professional environment as an organizer for various businesses, which meant that his primary job was to reinvent the business models given to him and make them better in a much more creative and cost-efficient sense. He made some great names in this business. He also kept on honing his engineering skills during that time, and helped the Australian government even, in setting up many plants of sorts as well. Moreover, too much enjoyment of his own personal being, and also something that amuses the people who wish to know about him, is the fact that he is also a very apt horse breeder. He bred the 1990’s show winner horse, and holds many other titles to his name, to this day as well.


David Hains is an Australian borne self-made billionaire who is the prime owner of the Portland house group, which deals in all sorts of financial investments on a global scale. His net worth as of 2020 is around 2 billion Australian dollars.

David Hains has been a very well-known Australian personality for quite some time. He has led quite an extraordinary life, with a multitude of successes of all sorts under his belt. He has conquered all the areas of business, sports, and even intellectual ones in his life. He is no short of an extraordinary man who has persisted all his life based on sheer hard work, peak level creativity, and the ability to pounce upon and make the best use of the opportunities as life presents them. His life has been a role model for many Australian men over the years, of how you can make something great if you play your cards right. He is the staple of Australian resilience and stands to showcase the strength of a common, educated man and the impact a man can make over not only his own life but the life of the contemporary society as well. he is 89 years of age, with 5 children who will inherit his wealth, and he has managed to keep himself involved in their lives as well, to be a good father so that they would make good members of the society. His way of life shows a person how, working towards a bigger perspective and seeing the bigger picture for the whole community around you will eventually pave your own way to success and glory.

David Hains has made some fortune for himself and his family, but he has kept a very open heart as well and spends a lot of his wealth to help the needy and the poor in his society. His investment schemes that give out acuities and loans to the people in need often make significant exceptions in the case of people who are genuinely deserving of a helping hand. Moreover, his organization launches extensive welfare work and programs as well. He believes that it is the duty of the fortunate few hundreds of the society, to give back to the community that made them as such.

Something interesting about David:

The life of David Hains can not be explained away in such a short precis. He has made it into the richest men in Australia, and his wealth growth over the years has been based on pure business strategies and his ability to keep his wits about himself in the unlikeliest of the conditions. Today, at 89 years of age, he has a story to tell, that only a very few incredible men have had the fortune of telling over the years.