Dale Alcock

Dale Alcock

Name: DaleAlcock

Country: West Australia

Age: 57 years

Father: Dennis Alcock

Education: He got admitted to the university for architectural studies, but later on, he chose bricklaying as a career. He got a hand on skills on tactical and practical education from his father, Dennis Alcock.

Wife: Jan Alcock

Children: Three daughters

Present Status: Managing Director of Dale Alcock Homes Private limited and ABN Amro Bank NV, President of Fremantle Football Club Limited.

Business type: He is an entrepreneur. His business is in the sector of Consumer Discretionary,  in the industry of products for Office and Home, in the sub-industry of home builders.

Worth: 280 million dollars

Business Career and Achievements: Dane Alcock, the managing director and founder of Dale Alcock Homes Private limited, started his business from scratch. He is a builder of the third generation. Alcock started his career in 1979, in a small town named Kellerbrain, as a bricklayer trainee. He learned the lifetime practical skills of his father. The hand-on knowledge, skills, and experience, which he got from his father, helped him throughout his career building. This valuable knowledge and skills eventually shaped the outlook of the building industry of Australia.

From a small town of Kellerbrain, Alcock emigrated to Perth in 1987 to become a registered constructor.  Later on, he founded Dale Alcock Homes Private Limited with the partnership of his two friends, John Webb and Garry Brown Neaves. This corporation was even though a starting enterprise, but still, it was a significant one. Spreading out from this corporation, Dale started other ventures and went on to launch the ABN Group, one of the leading property, finance, and construction companies of Australia.

Later on, in 2016, he purchased the shares of ABN Group from his friend and partner, Garry Brown.  It was the closing of the successful episode in the history of  ABN Group and the starting of a new and exhilarating period. In the present day, there are more than twenty corporations in the ABN Group. Also, the group has constructed, across Victoria and Western Australia, the homes more than eighty thousand in number.

He is currently serving, with his duties, as the owner and Managing Director of the ABN group. In addition to that, he is also serving in Dale Alcock Homes as the Managing Director.

Social Work: Dale Alcock strongly believes in Corporate Social Responsibility, and he believes that he is responsible for his companies’ social responsibility.  From the past thirteen years, in the course of the Alcock Family Foundation, he donated more than 8.8 million dollars for numerous praiseworthy causes that include environmental cause, relief work for natural disasters, medical researches, and much more. He also endows with his invaluable support, inside the building and construction industry, for promotion of career prospects and programs for industry development and training.

Achievements: Dale was the president of HIA, the Association of Housing Industry, for two years, from 1997 to 1999.  In 2001, he got the Award of Ernst and Young WA Entrepreneur of the Year. In the acknowledgment of his exceptional services to the Australian Housing Industry, in 1995, Dale got the National Housing Industry Association Sir Lynch Award.  He got the award of MBA Robert Law in 2008. He was nominated in 2012 for the award of Australian of the Year. In the same year, he got the award of Ernst and Young Western Region Entrepreneur of the Year as the industry winner.  He was the Finalist of the WA of the Year, business, and Community in 2013. In 2015, he became the winner of Ernst and Young Western Region Champion of Entrepreneurship. He got the Citation award of HIA Ron Seares in 2016. And, in 2018, he was on 36th on the WA Rich List with the net worth of two hundred eighty million dollars.

Disease: Overactive Thyroid

From bricklaying to the builder to a multimillionaire, his career journey is worthy of all the praises.