Chris Wallin

Name: Chris Wallin

Country: Australia

Education: Bachelor of Engineering

Type of business: Coal Exploration and Mining

Main achievements:

Chris Wallin comes on 41st position on top 50 wealthiest business people in Australia. After graduation from University as an engineer, Chris Wallin started working as a geologist for the government of Queensland in the department of mines and energy. In the year 1989, he started his own company QCoal for the sole purpose of developing the deposits which he discovered into operating mines. His company QCoal now mine coal for a handful of other mines, which includes drake mine, Sonoma mine, and Byerwen mine in Bowen Basin.Bowen basin is a place that contains the biggest and the largest coal reserves in Australia.

Mr. Chris Wallin is the managing director of QCoal, who spent his early days of work by working as a public servant in the department of mines of the state and not has a total net worth of 1.79 billion$.

Chris Wallin’s company QCoal received the best philanthropist of the year award. The QCoalFoundation supports many institutions. They have now initiated a program that is statewide to introduce the students of high school to the economic and financial world. It guides them with the key principles of becoming a good entrepreneur.This initiative started by Chris Wallin, and his company has gained much momentum. They have received overwhelming help and support from almost 17 schools in Queensland in a test of financial capability program, which is fully funded. Over the last 12 months, many students have shown their interest in this program, and they want to know how they, from a very young age, can maintain their finances. The philanthropist award given to him depicted that Chris Wallin has created business philanthropy, and he has demonstrated a marvelous commitment to philanthropy.

Chris Wallin grew up in Moroka, which is a suburb in Brisbane. Chris Wallin’s father was a banker. He went to Brisbane state high school for studies. Later he went to the University of Queensland, where he got state and commonwealth scholarship and took his degree in Bachelor of Science in geology.

Chris Wallin was considered as the second richest man in Queensland. After Clive Palmer, who was the richest man in Queensland, suffered a loss in his business, Chris Wallin, the coal baron, became the richest man in Queensland with an estimated net worth of 17 billion US$. He has topped the list of Queensland 150 richest business tycoon lists that is since 2008 published by Sunday main. Chris Wallin has established himself as the key figure in the coal mining industry.

Chris Wallin’s company QCoal is based in Brisbane, Australia. In 2014 QCoal was named by the minister of natural resources and mines as the miner of the year. Back in 2010, QCoal became a royal flying doctor service’s principal partner. In 2018 it was awarded as the most prominent philanthropist in Queensland by community foundations corporate. QCoal mine now ownsfive mines in the Bowen Basin. In 2007, he sold his 45 percent shares to a mine in the US called Cliffs Natural Resources for $140 million, and he again repurchased it from them last year for $141 million. This thing could prove to be an extraordinary bargain as coal prices have recovered down the route. His nextproject, which was the Byerwen mega-mine, produced 10 million tons a year. In 2013 Chris Wallin, along with the royal flying doctor service, donated an estimated amount of 3 million$ for two dental surgeries that were mobile to provide communities in northern and central Queensland with free care.

Interesting fact:

The media-shy miner, despite having enormous wealth, refrains from letting himself get trapped in the magic of wealth. He is still living in the same home and has not shifted any new place. He has been living in this home for two decades or maybe more than that.