Carlo Salteri

Name: Carlo Salteri

Date of Birth: 23 October 1920

Country: Australia

Education: Bachelor in mechanical engineering

Main Achievements:Carlo Salteri was a popular Australian-born businessman, raised in Italy, who had amazing expertise in mechanical engineering. Before accomplishing the very goals of his life for what he is known i.e., founding Tenix and Co-founding Transfield, he achieved much more. One year after completing his mechanical engineering degree in Italy, he served as a junior artillery officer in the army after being invited by the Italian army. Before the organization signed a contract with Australia to build power lines, Mr. Salteri worked with the engineering organization in Italy. After which he was in charge of the workers sent to Australia for the project, as a result of which he immediately moved to the country along with his family in 1951. However, little did he know, his venture with the company would not last for long, as he decided to leave the company and form his own corporation with his partner Belgiorno-Nettis. The company was named ‘Transfield’ and was established in the late 1950s. Lasting the partnership for about 40 years, the company’s main focus of attention was on doing major engineering projects like bridges, dams power lines, and finding more energy-providing sources such as thermal power stations and hydroelectric power.

Two of the major projects that Transfield is popularly known for,  are the famous Harbor Tunnel of Australia, located in Sydney, and Gateway Bridge in Brisbane. Five years before becoming the largest engineering corporation in South Asia, Transfield had around 3000 employees and a revenue turnover of approximately $350 million. Later on, the company took over the Williamstown Dockyard of Melbourne, and in the coming years, the company received a massive contract of $6 billion from the governments of both Australia and New Zealand.  However, the partnership was broken up in 1995, when the company’s net worth was around $700 million, and the company was split into two. The Belgiorno-Nettis family took the original name of the company i.e., Transfield, while Mr. Salter was forced to rename the organization, and so, he chose the name ‘Tenix.’ The name is driven from the word ‘tenacity,’ that was inspired by his grandfather’s advice to Carlo while handing him a coin, asking him to keep it safe with him until the end. The new company expanded quickly and successfully started on the backing of contracts that Carlo had from the earlier venture of ANZAC class frigates and also from the commencement of the new Radar network project assigned to the company. The company further majored in projects in the defense sector of the country, such as water, electricity, and traffic-related goods and services like the supply of traffic wardens and speed cameras.  In 2007, when Carlo retired, the company had annual revenue of around $1.5 billion. However, in his entire life, other than building successful corporations like Tenix and Transfield, he had many other accomplishments that need to be mentioned when writing about his achievements. For instance, in 2002, he was made a companion of the Order of Australia for his excellent services, not only in the engineering sector of Australia but also in aiding the technological development in the country.


Something interesting about Carlo:One of the many qualities of Salteriwas to giving back to society and helping the people in the community, providing them opportunities to learn and grow.  With the view in mind, he established the Tenix Foundation that assisted the community in encouraging education, help underprivileged children, and invest in the research and development sector. Furthermore, Carlo was a leader of the Australian Education Foundation and a sincere supporter of the indigenous students for education. Another interesting fact about CarloSalteriwasthat he was born in October and had a horoscope sign of the scorpion, which clearly illustrated his determination, appeal, self-assurance, and magnetism. His negatives traits included possessiveness that was clearly seen when he broke up his partnership.