Bruno Gordano Grollo

Name: Bruno Gordano Grollo

Date of birth: 1942

Country: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Type of Business: Builder, entrepreneur

Known for:Grocon

Background:Bruno Grollo was born in Australiato Italian immigrants who fled their native Country out of poverty and lack of opportunity. His parents were Luigi Grollo and Emma Girardi. Luigi Grollo, after settling in Australia, started a concrete company that, along the way, became the Grocon Company. Bruno Grollo did not pursue further education and dropped out of school at the age of fifteen years to begin his career in construction. As a close observer of the work his father’s company dispensed, Bruno encouraged his father to expand their company’s prospects. With the original company that is the L.Grollo& co, still intact, the Grollos established two more companies; Conpor ltd for sewerage, dams and swimming projects, and the Grollo Building and Engineering ltd for large-scale projects.As an organic consequence of the heart attack he suffered in 1968, Bruno’s father left the empire he collectively built with them, for his sons to run. Following Luigi Grollo’sthe founder of Grocon, death in December 1994, the company fell under an equal authority of Rino andBruno Grollo. At the time of Luigi Grollo’s demise, the Grollo companies were reportedly worth more than Australian $350 million.

Rhino and Bruno

Professional life:

Bruno and Rino Grollo were the heads of the Australian construction company, Grocon, which is also known for building the tallest buildings in Melbourne, namely the Rialto Towers and the ninety-two-story Eureka Tower. Of the 11 tallest buildings in Australia, the Grocon Company has made 6.The company kicked off as a real business in the mid-20th century. However, under the administration of Bruno and his brother, the concrete firm evolved into Australia’s most substantial construction and property business in the 1960s. In the year 1999, more of this family got involved and hence Grollo’s sons Adam and Daniel were made the managing directors. Today, the youngest son Daniel who joined the family line of work as a carpentry novice, runs the company. The company’s success kept growing, and currently, Groconhas a workforce thatfluctuates between 300-1200 employees. On many occasions,Grollo had proposed the building of the tallest tower in the world, the Grollo Tower, but it never materialized, and construction did not officially begin.

The year 2000 saw Bruno and Rino Grollo splitting their business directions, where Rino and family chose working on the Grollo Group, which included property management of the Rialto Towers,and other aspects like tourism, property investment, and commercial property. Meanwhile, Bruno Grollo and his family reserved their interests in Grocon,focusing mainly on property construction. He is the Chairperson of Grocon, as well as a board member of CP1 limited, BlueScope steel limited and Green Building Council of Australia.

Personal Life

Grollo got married toDina in 1965 and had three children. Of the three children, the youngest sonDaniel is the current Executive Chairman of Grocon, while Adam and Leeanna preside over the property investment business of the Grollo family.

Dina Grollo passed away in December 2001, and over ten years later, in February 2014, he got married to Pierina Biondo. The union does not have any children.

Achievements and Rankings:

In 1991 Grollo was appointed as an Officer of Order of Australia in recognition of his services of building and construction. The ‘Order of Australia’ is a National Award that confers well-deserved recognition for a citizen’s praiseworthy service to the Country.

The year 2006 saw Grollo being listed in Forbes’s top 40 wealthiest people in New Zealand and Australia. Bruno Grollo and family were listed on Financial Review 2018Rich List with an estimated net worth of Australian $702 million. In the 2019 Rich List, however, he and his family did not appear.
On the other hand, Rino Grollo and his family’s net worth was assessed independently and estimated to be about Australian $583 million.