Bruce Mathieson

Bruce Mathieson

Name:Bruce Mathieson

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Mathieson’s came from a poor background. This family has a low income due to which Mathieson had to take up various jobs at a very young age to support his father in running the expenses of his house. He has to avail of any opportunity of earning money that he saw in his life. When he was 13, he provided his services in a small tool-making workshop. After growing a little older, he wandered as a cigarette seller in various parts of his city. He also initiated his small level engineering company that today has become a huge business.

Figure 2. Bruce Mathieson in one of his pub

Mathieson marked the start of his leisure and hospitality business in 1974, along with his family. Within 26 years from 1947 to 2000, the company was running multiple pubs in Victoria numbering to 32. Mathieson’s life and business took an exciting turn when he met Roger Corbett, who was the owner of Woolworths’ and one of the trend-setters in the market. Their encounter took place in 2000 at Sydney’s Olympic. After meeting each other, they realized the potential of gaining benefits as a team, and both availed the opportunity. They initiated their joint venture and named the company MGW Hotel.  Their partnership proved enormously successful, and the company made huge profits. Other than their luck, the hard work and efforts that they added to the business is what made this business so successful and established the business one of the leading businesses in the industry. Within the time period of 4 years, the company had more than 30 hotels under its name proudly, providing the customers with high-quality services and facilities. The combination in running the business of Mathieson and Corbett received a positive response and love from the customers due to with they kept going higher and higher in the industry.

Main Achievements:

Bruce Mathieson is one of the most well-known people in Australia in the business of hotels. He has been leading the industry of leisure and hospitality in Australia for more than forty years with success.Mathieson has done him under graduation from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Mathieson was a person who made his own luck through consistent hard work and perseverance. Despite having a background of low-income families, Mathieson was determined to climb his way to success by exploring the nerve-racking harbors in his life. In 1975 he bought his first pub. What followed next were favorable results. From then onwards, he climbed upwards on the ladder of happiness and success without facing any setback.

Figure 1. Bruce Mathieson in his seventies

As far as his marital life is concerned, Mathieson got married in his twenties to Jill.  Currently, Mathieson is a millionaire who is living a high-quality experience with his lovely family that consists of three children.

Figure 3. Bruce Mathieson’s business partner Robert Corbett

After some time, the partners decided to bring Mathieson’s family business and their joint venture, MGW Hotel, under one umbrella and create a large-scale business of leisure and hospitality in Australia. This new company was jointly named the ALH group. This group started providing their services on a more significant level and acquired multiple hotels. Currently, the bunch works in more than 300 areas over distinctive parts of Australia.

After getting old, Bruce Mathieson handed his company ALH group to his youngest son Bruce Jr and made him the chief Executive officer.

Something interesting about Bruce:

Bruce Mathieson is the trend-setter in Australia today with having a market concentration ratio of more than 25% in the industry of leisure and hospitality and also in the sector of pub and hotel. Furthermore, it has been able to make a new investment in one of the risky drug companies in Australia: Mayne Pharma.

According to Australia’s Richest 2019 list, Bruce Mathison has been ranked in the 43rd position.