Bruce Gordon

Name: Bruce Gordon

Country of origin: Australia

Date of Birth: 4th February 1929



Bruce Gordon has been a very prominent businessman in the Australian economic sphere. He rose from humble beginnings, receiving just primary training, and working at his father’s shop. One of the richest men in Australia began his career by juggling fruits outside his father’s shop to attract more customers towards the shop. But it’s notable to see that Bruce always had an eye for the marvelous. Even during this time, one can easily guess that Bruce had the mindset of a very creative and intelligent being and if you would like a couple that with his will to exceed in life, you can quickly see how Bruce Gordon has become one of the most prolific businessmen of his time. He rose through the ranks at a steady pace and through the virtue of his hard work. Bruce Gordon worked hard on his theater skills during the twenties and gained his first gig on the Sydney’s Tivoli circus. He afterwards met some significant people in the theater circles, which boosted his career up the ladder of corporate culture and made him what he is today. In 1962. He started to work in the Desilu Productions as a sales executive. This later went on to become the paramount production company where he worked for nearly 30 years. He has had an incredible career that spans over many decades and organizations. He has truly made his mark over the television industry. His creative genius and his business acumen have allowed him to be one of the most beautiful entrepreneurs of Australia.

Main Achievements:

As discussed before, Bruce Gordon has worked in numerous corporations over the years. However, he also owns one of the most prominent television channel companies and broadcasting services in Australia. He owns one of the biggest regional channel companies in Australia, which is the WIN CORP. however, due to some fee issues with the major broadcasters such as the 9 corporation, he had to face some loss of stocks in his company. In 2015, he nearly raised enough stakes to prepare for some very new and upcoming changes that were to hit the Australian news broadcasting and channel systems, and this was done to be ready for the limitations that were to be imposed soon on the Australian media ownerships. He has stocks in a lot of different organizations. TPG telecom certainly comes to mind when we are discussing the organizations under his wing. TPG, that was initially established by the Australian billionaire David Teoh. David realized that Bruce would be an excellent candidate to be helping his company stand on its feet. It was mostly due to the immense experience that Bruce Gordon carries under his belt. He is an institution in himself, as he has seen the Australian channel and television go through enormous changes. He basically understands the pulse of the Australian tv seen, and his repute as a senior and executive anonymously claimed lord of the TV remains unrivaled.

Something interesting about Bruce:

To facilitate the growth of his private media outlet, Win CORP., Bruce Gordon has now bought the highest number of shares in the 9-broadcasting system. His belief remains adamant that technology will be the way to future, at least in the telemarketing and news broadcasting sectors. He lives in Bermuda with his wife but also has extensive properties in Sydney and Wollongong in the south of Australia.

Bruce Gordon is still alive and well at the ripe age of 91. He has worked hard his life to be where he is today. He worked as an executive in the Paramount Pictures, one of the best telemarking companies in the world, and the funds he gained throughout his service, allowed him to buy the biggest channel companies, i.e., WIN Corp. in 1979. He has led a marvelous and inspiring life and remains a role model for anyone who wishes to excel in this field.