Brett Blundy

Name: Brett Blundy

Country of origin: Australia

Date of birth: 1959/1960 (age 59–60)

Type of business: Retail, agribusiness

Main Achievements: Brett Blundy formerly chaired the lingerie, jewelry, and home wares retail brand, BB Retail. Currently, he is aiming to fulfill Asian demand by establishing an empire of beef cattle in the north of Australia. He is the co-founder of Lovisa, a retailer of fashion jewelry with over 270 stores across the world.

Something interesting Brett Blundy

Brett Blundy has been known as a very classy and charismatic businessman in Australia, with running titles such as the “KING OF RETAIL” and whatnot. He is currently setting up an advanced water supply system in the northern Australian territory to help the local cattle owners produce significant amounts of cattle. His net worth is around 1.6 billion dollars USD. He resides in Singapore with his wife and two children.



Brett Blundy received some standard primary education. He was brought up in the countryside. Brett started his career on the backbone of a small record house in the Pakenham area of the country Victoria, which was his residence at the time. The first store might not have worked as Brett would have wanted, according to his  accounts, but it gave him an immense insight into the ways of the business world. This was the starting point of his career as an entrepreneur of the highest caliber. From here on forwarding, Brett has managed to create corporations from the ground up and has worked his way up the corporate ladders of all sorts. It is fair to say that Brett now owns a business in almost 15 countries, with stores and outlets for the companies he created, spread throughout these cities at important trade centers. He is an intelligent man who has attained a particular rite of passage when it comes to successful businessmen in Australia. His business acumen has been widely popular throughout the economic circles of Australia.

He has invested in a wide variety of areas, ranging from entertainment groups and provision of retail-based products to buying and selling of property. He also made investments in setting up different types of business endeavors in collaboration with other companies and departments.

So far, Brett has been wildly successful based on the BBRC organization, which he set up back in the 1980s. The group has been working relentlessly under the adamant and intelligent leadership of Brett Blundy. Eventually, it has become a large corporation with interests in retail; management of capital obtained, and even several creative ventures such as setting up of a chain of beef providers. Moreover, he also bought to his name in 2005 the fashion industry mega-chain of “diva,” which has been quite popular in Australian and the New Zealand areas. The store has almost 400 branches or selling bodies in the two countries, with a very far-reaching hand in the international spheres as well. Brett Blundy has been involved in another very principal business as well, which has brought to him great fortunes and revenue alike over the years. The company in question is that of “ACCENT,” which is a company with a wide variety of articles such as apparel, footwear, and other products of retail aspect as well. The company also has many sub-brands to its name, such as the Athlete’s Foot, CAT, Vans, Dr. Martin’s as one of the biggest and well-known products selling brands under its wide belt. This shows that Brett Blundy has shares in one the most prolific and well-endowed company of the recent or contemporary time. It is to be noted here that, Blundy had only recently bought his shares in the company. His timely and extremely clever investment into the company has played to his favor and has boosted his wealth factor many folds in just a span of some years. His business antic to buy major shares has proved to be a trump card on his part.

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