Bob Ell

Name: Bob Ell

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 1945

Education:Basic technical education, primarily a carpenter by profession

Type of business: Real estate                                                                                                       

Main achievements: He is known in the business world to have ruthless means to achieve his interests. This is not to say that his methods are unethical or his business projects are subject to any sort of embezzlement cases, it means to say that he is aggressive and pinpoint with his approach. He is very much persuasive and very much charming towards his subjects. He has all the necessary qualities of a proper and model businessman. Being an approximately 70 years old billionaire, he is married to a wife that is 26 years younger than him. But needless to say, they have a happy and content married life. He has two stately homes in Australia, but the couple has chosen the stately home at the sunshine state as an area where they decide to raise their four children.

Something interesting about Bob Ell

He has led a very successful business career that spans over three decades of Australian economics. Therefore, it is fair to say that he is a man of authority in Australia, and his reputation has been earned on the back of rigorous work and honest entrepreneurship. His success speaks for itself by in the light of this particular business venture, where in 2013; he was pursued by the Federal Environment Department to make plans for a shipyard in Tugun, which will host about three linear births. Moreover, it will also have berths for the superyacht marina as well. Therefore, Bob Elle’s business expertise is appreciated by not only the common man and the subject audience but also the government departments as well. That is why the Leda group has been involved in many PPP or otherwise known as public-private partnerships. Bob Elle has become a business authority based on his own business antics that have made him one of the richest men in Australia. His life teaches us a certain message of persistence and perseverance. Success came to Bob Ell through time and proper planning of his resources. His life serves as a model to be followed by all the future entrepreneurs who aspire to be as successful as him. From his humble beginnings in the Merriwa town of New South Wales, he has come a long way to become a prominent businessman in Australia.


Bob Ell has been one of the most prominent businessmen in Australia. He has a net worth of about 1.6 billion USD and owns a wide variety of businesses. Mainly, his interest lies in the procurement and selling of property. His company, the Leda group, has its head offices in the beautiful Sydney. His property business has inroad in many of the crucial areas of the Australian mainland, such as Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, and some other places as well. He founded his company in the late 1970s and is primarily a carpenter from his roots. His company exploded in the 19080s due to his diligent work and just by playing his cards smartly and carefully. He is the staple of true, down to earth and hard Australian work, that can pave the way for any man, no matter his educational or working background. He has gone far and up above to become an incredible entrepreneur.

Bob Ell has been referred to as one of the most influential and stand up barons of property in Australia. His various projects have been facing some controversy from either the public or the private sectors. Despite all that, bob Ell has been a persistent and very much a game-changer for him. He has proved that through hard work and having a team comprising of eligible and quality staff; nothing is unachievable. His biggest projects include the 10,000 homes in the massive development projects launched near the CobakiLake and the Kings Forest developmental areas, Ipswich Riverlink, Victoria Point, and Morayfield Shopping Centers. He has spent his life going back and forth between the gold coast and Sydney.

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