Bianca Rinehart

Bianca Rinehart

Name: Bianca Rinehart

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 1979

Education: Degree in Hotel Management


Bianca Rinehart is one of the most well-known women in Australia because of being a significant trustee of the leading trust of Australia: Hope Margaret Hancock Trust. She was born in 1979 in Australia. Following her interest and passion, she pursued a degree in Hotel management and hospitality from one of the top universities: University of Adelaide. She is the eldest daughter of Greg Hayward and Gina Rinehart. She has three other siblings: Hope, Genia, and John. Her mother Gina Rinehart, wasthe owner of Australian most prominent mining magnate and the Chairman of privately-run mineral extraction and exploration business: Hancock Prospecting. This business was initiated by Lang Hancock, the father of Gina Rinehart.

As far as her marital life is concerned, she got married to Sasha Serebryakov in 2013 and continues to live a  happy life with him.

Figure 1. Bianca Rinehart on her 40th birthday on a ceremony

As mentioned above, Bianca Rinehart’s mother is Gina Rinehart. On 9 February 1954 in Perth, a place in Australia, Gina Rinehart was born. However, she had to live some years of her early life in Pilbara. Her primary education took place at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, after which she got admission in the University of Sydney. She had to leave her under graduation incomplete to support her father in the work of Hancock Prospecting. In 1992 her father, Lang Hancock, died. After the death of her father, the entire responsibility of her family business came on her, and she was determined to run her family’s traditional business with its values. After this, she was given a 76.6% share of their family-owned business because she was the only child. Soon after her father’s death, she was made the Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting.

Figure 2. Bianca Rinehart’s mother, Gina Rinehart

With this authoritative role, Gina Rinehart was the one who expanded the company with her immense hard work and determination. At the time of acquisition of the company by her, she kept her mind focused on the main target that, in her perspective, was the crucial part of success: expansion of the operations of the company geographically. During the following 10 years, her goals and strategic planning got successful partially because of her hard work and partly because luck was on her side. She got the opportunity for tremendous growth and earning profits, for, during the 2000s, the world went through the iron ore boom. This change in global market production for mining and mineral consumption marked the changing point in the life of Gina Rinehart. In 2006 she was awarded the title of the nominal billionaire. What followed next was a massive level expansion with the profits earned. She not only increased the size of her mining company but also cleverly considered to invest in other businesses, including livestock farming and Ten Network Holdings.

According to ForbesAustralia’s 50 wealthiest people in 2019, she has been proudly ranked 1st. As far as the list of Power Women 2019 is concerned, she has been 36th all across the world.

Something interesting about Bianca:

Speaking about the extraordinary life of Billionaires 2018 by Forbes, she was ranked 1756.

One of the most significant achievements of her life has been her success in winning the case that she was fighting along withJohn Hancock, her brother.

Apart from being considered as one of the rich people of the world and Australia, Bianca Rinehart has also worked tirelessly for her organization, just like her mother. Her hard work and passion haveled to many improvements in Hancock Prospecting.

Figure 3. Bianca Rinehart at one of her court hearing