Anton Billis

Name:Anton Billis

Country: Australia

Type of business: gold mines

Main achievements:

Anton billis lives in Australia is the owner at sierra gold and trans global. In 2019 he joined the Australia’s 50 richest businessman’s list by WA. Anthony billis also known as Anton billis was welcomed on to west AustraliaWA’s rich list after the corporate manager in the takeover panels took action by shedding light on Anton billis successful business empire. Anton billis has an estimated amount of total net worth of $117 billion. He has owned successful Tribune Resources and gold miners Rand Mining for more than two decades through a network of holding companies and crossholdings and has created a fortune that may well be much greater than estimated by any Rich List. Anton billis is also the chief executive of rand and tribune. He owns Trans global capital, tribune, sierra gold and lake grace exploration. In 2018 Anton billis had to forcibly sell his 60 million$ shares of tribune. The shares jumped from 12.5 million to jumped to 60 million. The panel which took over also told Mr. Anton billis and his wife Panatchakorn Wichaikul and other share holders of tribune to correct their real share holding notices for tribune. In addition to that they were also banned from voting for 1 month after the correction of notices. It was also listed by tribune’s annual report that Mr. Anton billis has shares of 12.9 million $ in tribune but also held shares of 17,351 through parties that were not known.

Anthony Byron Billis, known as ‘Anton ‘,is working as the Managing Director and CEO of Rand Mining Ltd. Mr. Anton Billis has also been the executive director of Tribune Resources Limited since 22 February 2003, and also randcorporations since 22nd January 2003. His hard business approach and nonsense manner has also helped him build a strong network of supporters, but also some prominent enemies on Perth’s investment scene’s periphery. The person who has been bankrupt onetime is not the only one that has ever been in a trouble spot, but he also stands out for not claiming or pretending to be anything but a poor nut from Croatia that has worked out of a wealth in the Highlands of West Australia WA. Anton Billis is both the managing directors of Tribune’s and rand, who also share offices. The court, which acts on matters concerning a company’s ownership, also made a statement against Tribune regarding inacceptable circumstances after discovering that Billis and associated firms had not revealed the scope of his grip on the gold miner.Mr Anton Billis controls almost 60 per cent of Tribune share instead of the forced sale of Rand’s shares. In 2018 Anton billis issued a writ against the private detective who as turned an internet troll named Terry McLernon. McLernon this time accused Anton billis of contempt of court and called for him to be put behind bars. Anton Billis, president of Tribune Resources, and head of million gold mines worth $350, has been in one of the three businessmen who won a defamation lawsuit in 2016 against Mr. McLernon over claims that were defamatory and accused the group of corporate theft and stand over tactics. with a bit of sarcasm Mr. Anthon billis also said Mr. McLernon seemed to believe himself as “some kind of internet crusader who is self-appointed and he also believed that the right is given to him for exposing the alleged misdeeds of the men while dispensing “radical poisonous volumes” Mr McLernon has again refused to remove the articles that accused Mr. Anthon Billis of being a part of the“Fat Wallet Gang”.


It is said via many YouTube and internet sources that Mr. Anton billis is also accused of firebombing Mr. McLernon house and car. This is the same internet resource that published the certain parts from Mr. McLernon book. Mr. billis has also hired a PR firm to handle media.