Angela Bennett

Name: Angela Bennett

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: 1945


Angela Bennett is an Australian businesswoman. She was born in 1945 and is currently seventy-five years old. Angela is a mining heiress as she inherited her business from her father,Peter Wright (1908-1985),

a business magnate, who co-founded Wright prospecting along with his friend as well as business partner Lang Hancock in the 1930s.

Type of business

Angela Bennett heads the Wright Prospecting, which is a large private company in the field of mining. She is the owner of fifteen percent of Hamersley Iron shares from the Rio Tinto Group, while her sister Gina Rinehart owns another 50 percent. The siblings had gone into legal disputes quite often, including the latest which took place in September 2012, when Angela petitioned against Gina in an effort to retrieve the 50 percent of the Hope Downs mine 4,5,6 tenements, entitled after Hope Hanchock, Gina’s deceased mother.

Main Achievements:

Angela Bennet is the fourth richest woman in Australia and has been listed on number twenty-four among Forbes fifty wealthiest Australians 2019 and has a net worth of more than US$1.65 billion, according to Forbes, 2019. Furthermore, she ranks as the twenty-eighth richest person on the Australian Financial Review with a net worth of Australian $2.62 billion. She has earned the title “the iron ore queen.”

The heiress, Angela Bennett, has an abundance of wealth primarily due to her share of royalty that Rio Tinto pays her on mining each ton of iron ore in Western Australia. Moreover, Bennet owns a significant share in Wright Prospecting that is in legal action with Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting over multitudinal properties of iron ore.

Intriguing details about Angela Bennett

Angela Bennett has an extravagant lifestyle, which is evident by how she sails around the world on her twenty million dollar yacht, Platinum, built by Queenscliff businessman Jack MacKeddie. She sold her former yacht The Outback in 2010 in twenty million dollars to buy the Platinum and afterward became embroiled in a bitter lawsuit for the sale of it.

She shifted to an $8 million apartment in Fremantle by selling her mansion in Perth neighbourhood in the theMosman Park for $57.5 million.

However, she seemed to be profoundly reclusive and secretive and was nicknamed “the night parrot”under the list of Australia’s wealthiest due to her discreetness in front of paparazzi. A testament to this were the twenty years of recorded legal controversies over the wealth of her iron ore when photojournalists could not take a single picture where Angelacould be conveniently spotted. Photographers invariably managed to take blurry pictures in wich her face was partly or fully hidden. However, last year in December, she surfaced from this enigma when she posed for a picure at the spectacular Blue HQ marina, an investment company that her son Todd Bennett owns and runs as revealed by the Australian.The mining magnate Angela is said to be anonymous soprofoundly that she is the owner of the copyright on images of a vacant staircase at her previous luxurious residence on Perth’s Swan River. Even her Wikipedia entry consists of an image with her opponent, Gina Rhinehart.

Angela Bennett is married and is a mother to seven children, including Grant Bennet and Todd Bennet. Her son, Todd Bennett, is the executive director of her private investment company AMB Holdings. He was also chosen to sit as the board of the Finance and Energy Exchange.

Angela Bennett seems to have engaged in various legal feuds, especially with Gina Rhinehart, and evidently, it is said that Angela and Rhinehart seem to loathe each other. According to The Australian, Rhinehart became furious when Angela Bennet and her brother who were the co-owners of the Wright Prospecting at the time, were victorious over the court battle that took nine years, dispossessing Hancock Prospecting of its twenty-five percent stake in another Pilbara Mines, Rhodes Ridge to which Rhinehart appealed.