Andrew forest

Name: Andrew forest, nicknamed Twiggy, is an Australian mining businessman.

Country: He resides in Australia. He was born in Perth, Western Australia,

Date of birth: Born in July 1961.

Education: He has done bachelors in Arts and Science.

Main Achievements:

In 1994, Andrew forest launched Anaconda Nickel, his first mining company, now known as Minara resources. After nine years, in 2003, he founded Group of Fortescue Metals, which extracts and ships iron ore to China. He isAustralia’s third-largest, and the fourth largest iron ore miner in the world. He also has interests in farming, to capitalize on China’s increasing demand for dairy and meat products.

The most amusing thing about him is that in 2017, he made the country’s largest donation, 400 million dollars for fields like research of cancer. He is also considered Australia’s most prominent Philanthropist. Now he serves as the chairman for Fortescue, having departed as the Chief executive in the year 2011 and focused on philanthropy. During this year, he also became a finalist for ‘the Australian of the year’ in Western Australia. In 2012, he founded the Walk Free Foundation. The purpose of this foundation was to end slavery. In exchange for a chance to transform billions of tons of inexpensive coal into much-needed energy, Forest declared a deal with Pakistan to free more than two million slaves. In 2014, The Minderoo Foundation promised $65 million over 10 years to create the Forrest Research Foundation to offer students with scholarships.

The billionaire of mining Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has proclaimed he will spend $70 million on a bushfire rehabilitation plan for communities affected by the fire on the east coast of Australia through his Minderoo Foundation.Forrest labeled later down the track to contribute more money to the recovery effort if needed.The donation from Forrest follows a growing list of contributions from high-profile personalities in Australia and around the globe.

Wealth Rankings

Forest ranks among Australia’s top ten richest. In 2008, he was labeled the wealthiest person in Australia. In 2009, his net worth decreased compared to the previous year, but In 2010 his net worth was 4.24 billion dollars. In 2011, His net worth got increased and faced a decline in the next two years. In 2013, his wife and Forest were the first Australian’s to commit most of their wealth to charity. In 2016 and 2017, his net worth was $3.33 billion and $6.84 billion approximately. In 2017, he was ranked the sixth wealthiest Australian, having a net worth of 6.84 billion dollars.

Awards and Honors

Forest won the 2018 Alumni Social Impact Award for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year. The award was basically given for attaining outstanding achievement in business.


You cannot afford a world with slavery, which literally takes someone and turns them into a machine.’

TED Talk

He also did a Ted talk on ‘a radical plan to end plastic. A Ph.D. in marine ecology brought him to the stage of TED. Driven by a deep passion for the seas, he has also studied Marine life.

Plastic is the best substance for the economy and yet the worst substance for the environment, says Andrew Forrest.In a dialogue, which was intended to triggerdiscussion, the head of TED Chris Anderson and Forest think about aruthless plan to become the top companies in the world to finance an economic uprising–and Transition industries to obtain all their plastics from recycled resources and not from fossil fuels.

Forrest devoted most of his attention to solving some of the toughest problems in the world, including cultural poverty, modern slavery, and cancer.